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Doris Lane?!

Thanks a lot for emailing me regarding these puppies. As you know, I do not have much to say
but I just want you to assure me that you are going to take care of
these puppies as if they where your own children. So let me tell you brief
about the puppies. They are all
10 weeks old and are 2 in number, both male and female and are pure bred. they love in and out doors a lot and are very healthy. they also feed
well and are very social to kids and other home pets. They have toys
in which he will come along with. They are toilet trained and the
training started since they where 2 weeks old by a friend who is now in
Spain. they are De-wormed, Micro-chipped; home trained, updated with
shots, and will come with all of their papers and health records alongside
toys & feeding menu. They are also vet
checked and vaccinated. I really love these puppies but there is no way I will be able to
take care of them as I will be going back to the USA for treatment since I had
an accident and it greatly affected my legs so i will not have any one or chance to look after them that is the reason why i need a pet loving home.

By the way, I will like to know a little about you if you are really interested in these puppies. Please I will be very glad if you can answer these
few questions:
1- Are you married?
2-Do you have experience in keeping pets?
3- do you have any kids?
4- Can you please email me a photo of where they shall stay (if possible)
5- Which do you need? Male (White) or female (Dark) or both
6-Where are you located so that you can come and see and
pick them up yourself or i can arrange for transportation.

Forgive me for all the questions but I really want to know who I am
giving these puppies to and
I also want the best for them. Please get back to me with the answers
of the above questions and also where you are located so that you can come and pick them up or i arrange transportation.
Thanks a lot for contacting me regarding these puppies and waiting to
read from you soonest
Attached are some pictures of them.

"Doris Lane":
thanks a lot for the reply, I am very sorry that my number is already put on hold as i will be leaving for the USA soon. I tried to connect back as i placed the ad but it was already late as it was disconnected form the system like would have loved to talk with you on the phone but anyway i am very moved with your mail because it makes enough sense and now i feel assured that i am giving
these pets to a good and safe home and i am glad that you have some
experience in taking care of pets and i am also glad about the
guarantee that you have given me and the way that your house is well
equipped. i cant separate these puppies because they have grown up together and love each other very much. I would have loved for you to come along and pick them up
but i live in Darwin but God so great i can use the pet transport agency here in
Darwin which will cost 300$ for one hence 600$ for both and they are going to be
delivered at your door steps as the agency does door to door delivery.
When i place them on board the agency is going to contact you with the
following details:
When they will be arriving,
how you are to make the payment.
How to sign the transfer of ownership documents.
And you are going to be making the payment directly to the agency.

If you are Ok with this then you have to get back to me
with the following information so that i can place the puppies on board first thing
in the morning so that you can be receiving them soon enough.
Your mobile and land line, House address, and full name.
The above information is needed because when i place the puppies on
board, the agency is going to trace your house easily and deliver them to you safe and sound.
so get back to me with the above information so that i can ship these puppies
to you. And one more thing, i am glad that you have assured me about
them and would love for you to give me some updates of him when he
arrives you so that i can see his new environment.

My reply: Okay well before I make a decision I just wanted to let you know that I am unable to take both as I have asked my grandmother (as it is her home) and she has only allowed me to have one. I completely understand if you are unable to separate them, but unfortunately I am only allowed the one, I'm very sorry. If this is not what you had in mind then please let me know so I can continue my search. Thank you very much.

"Doris Lane": ok i will separate them for your sake but transportation for one is going to be 400
if you are ok then get back to me with your full name, house address mobile and landline
so that i can take the puppy (dark one) to the agency right away and register him

My reply: Please let me know what the total price is before you register the puppy. Is it in total $400 including delivery? Please get back to me ASAP.

Kindest regards

"Doris Lane":
yes the total cost is 400 and bank charges can be about 40 to 50 dollars
so i guess you will be needing at most 450 and i have registered the puppy already hope
there is no problem

My reply: Hi. Look I don't feel comfortable transferring $400 via western money union or any sort of bank transfer for that matter. I have seen on the simple trade website a warning saying that I shouldn't hand over any money before I receive the item and that I should be cautious when people say that they can't speak over the phone so unless you can give me proof that this isn't a scam (go to a pay phone perhaps and call me) and allow me to give the money via CASH ON DELIVERY, I won't be going through with the transaction. And I will report any suspicious activity to the police if this problem is not rectified. Thanks very much.

DON'T BE SCAMMED EVERYONE!!! DORIS LANE IS NOT REAL!!! DON'T TRANSFER MONEY VIA WESTERN UNION OR ANY SORT OF BANK TRANSFER WITHOUT PHYSICAL PROOF OF THE ITEM!! I called the "delivery agency" and recorded the whole conversation and will be notifying police ASAP. I didn't fall into the trap of transferring the money however I did give out my address, full name and phone number to them so I am a bit worried about that but I will be telling police if the problem persists. I have attached photos of the supposed "puppies" that "Doris Lane" sent me so if you receive these from someone selling huskies then IT IS A SCAM.

Company: Doris Lane?!

Country: Australia

Category: Business & Finance


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