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Centrelink and telstra

I hate centrelink and telstra firstly centrelink take too long too reinstall my payments and everytime i ring them there excuse is that there computer is taking too long i lodged a complaint against there services and there excuse is that there computer wont go any faster i sent the form off like 3 ...


My complaint is that I was born a slave to the industrial revolution. How am I a slave to the industrial revolution? I have no choice but to need money to survive. I am not allowed to live off the land because it is against the law. If i want to camp anywhere I must pay money. If I want to have the ...

Fake passport immigration

Sir, a person named Rincle or Rincle chawla s/o S.C.Chawla or S.C.chawla who has gotta australian visa and going to visit there within 10 days alongwith his wife SONAL and a year old son. the above person has been facing a criminal trial for using faka documents in immigration earler 8-9 years back ...