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Paul Roberts Internation Modelling Agency

A friend of mine was approached several years ago, by a man named Paul Roberts. At the time, my friend, who we will call Casey, was about 15 or 16. She was told that she had "potential" and that she had what it took to be a model.

Now, in all honesty Casey is NOT model material. She is a skinny girl, but doesn't have the right frame. She doesn't have any dress sense and is average looking.

A few weeks ago, Casey, now 22, remembered Paul and decided to give him a call. After finding his details on the internet, she arranged an appointment and asked me to go along with her.

Now, I being the wiser friend, decided to Google Paul Roberts. I knew that anybody who told Casey that she could be a model was full of sh*t. For starters she isn't the right height. She is a shy 5"5. Again, she doesn't have any fashion sense whatsoever and lacks common sense, which is evident to anybody. She is the perfect victim for a scam. She is also very narcisistic and thinks she is the best looking girl out. Nobody can tell her otherwise.

So along we went, to this dodgy little room in building on St Kilda road. The warning bells sounded then. Another girl who we will call Serina was there also, but she did seem to have the right credentials to be a model. Serina was of the right height and presented herself well, unlike Casey, who made no effort at all, and wore filthy and tacky clothes.

Paul spoke to both Casey and Serina for about 20 minutes. He bragged, showed the girls several photos, gave the girls forms to fill out and measured Serina.
He shook Serina's hand, and then went to kiss Casey on the cheek, which showed lack of professionalism.

Casey, of course, being the gullible girl she is, believed every word of what he said. She was called back the next day for a photoshoot. The photoshoot was scheduled for the following day, and we were to meet him in his office again. We arrived early, waited and then he showed up, in a bad mood. I asked him, politly, if Casey was having her photos taken that day to which he replied, "Don't ask questions, I don't like being asked questions." His tone was very sharp and dismissive.

We reached his office and he took Casey into a separate room, and closed the door. He later invited me in, and immediately could tell that I was suspicious. He then launched into telling me about how great he was and showed me several photos which he claimed his photography team took. Now as a photographer myself, I saw a few things which I felt were suss. The image sizes he showed me where small, and if he was the owner of those photos, surely he would have the original hi-res photographs. He also showed me an advert in a magazine which he had supposedly created himself. It had his name and logo at the bottom, but the image in the ad was of poor quality and a lot different than the previous photos he had showed me that he had apprently taken.

He then went to show me very briefly the contents of his email, and showed me websites of other agencies in America that he was apparently chummy with. Almost like he had something to prove. Also, he had several photos on the walls of some of his models. These were not fantastic images. I ask, why wouldn't he display the other photos that he had taken that he had shown me? After all those photos where so much better. Obviously these better photos were not his. He then proceeded to offer me a job. What the f*ck? He didn't even know anything about me. He was slimey, strange and weird. I then asked if Casey would have to pay anything. He said, "Ask Casey." I asked her, and she said "I'll tell you later," so obviously he did want money. He had originally told her he didn't want money off her and then said that she would have to cover the cost of the photographs. Anybody knows that if she had so much potential, he wouldn't want any money off her, because she would be able to make him heaps of money. It was obviously a scam. He then made me leave and proceeded to take photos of her. I don't know whether he used his photography team and his makeup artist which he told us about, or he just did the makeup and photos himself like so many other people have mentioned, but I am guessing it is the later, hence the reason I was asked to leave. He obviously had so much to hide.

This guy is nothing but a fraud. He talked so much sh*t. He is an ugly little man, who preys on stupid girls who don't know any better. Beware. THIS WILL BE UPDATED.


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6 March 2019, 10:09 AM
I too was scammed by this man- exact same approach and I am barely 5'7. He told me i was 5'10 .
I am no model - believe me.
He took $$$thousands from me to take photos & do my makeup- such a talented man right!
His workshops were held by high school students and I had to bring my own clothing that he put some appalling outfits together - fashion clearly not his strong point for a man of his credentials.
It's been close on 20 years now and I'm still furious and want my money back from the creep!
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