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Unauthorized billing!

I have had over $55.00 worth of unauthorized 'items' from MWAYTS which I never purchased - I paid the first bill (on my Telstra account) because 'stupid me' I thought I had accidentally purchased something when I was looking at 'FREE' ringtones for my mobile. ...

Harrasment by Nokia

Hi There, I have think Nokia is getting more creative in finding various ways of making money from poor people. But the question is will this make Nokia rich or lose customers. Look at this story. I purchased a Nokia N95 - 8GB from Delhi, India on 29th Feb and then moved to Sydney last month. I ...

Mwayts 365 Pty ltd
Unauthorized phone charges

I picked up my new 3g phone and within a month i had received not one call a day, but up to three calls a day, I didn't take any notice of them and just deleted them, but un be known to me that didn't stop them, until I was told to tex stop, but that still didn't stop telstra sending me a bill on ...

Sms & email

I received an sms 2 days back that my mobile number has won 165, 000 GBpounds in the ongoing nokia Uk promo.. contact home office at [email protected], on contacting the given address this was the reply i received... Nokia Payment Release Form[1][1].pdf (43KB), Anderson Joseph Maxwell[1].JPG ...