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My complaint is pretty simple i am with cupid dating site and i am supposed to be paying 25 dollars a month which i am not i am paying around 80 dollars a month i have been paying that for a very long time now i thought it was that i was not putting any money into pay pal so use took money directly out of my bank account and charge a fee for taking money out of my account including the 25 dollars and about another 50 dollars on top of that but when i put money in my pay pal account used did not take any money out of it you decided to take money out of my bank account i do not understand that at all you are ripping my off and used are getting away with it and there is nothing that i can do about 25 dollars is the bloody about i should be paying not 80 dollars and why am i paying for another dating site why it is called info speeddater .com. UK exactly the same as this i do not even no if is a dating site or not but i am paying for that as well yes another 80 dollars or more i am paying for two dating sites one i know i am paying for that is cupid dating site but the other one i don't even know if it is a dating site or not i have no replies from this so called site and i cannot even get into that dating site the site i am talking about is so called info UK the one i have tolled you a second ago but it seems that there is no such dating site as that and i am paying for that one too i do remember paying for some dating site i did not read it properly i thought i was paying for a month at a time but i signed in for a year but pay monthly and when i decided to get out of that site they or used decided to put another year on top of that as well but when i get to my email and read that my payment went through i am paying for two lots on cupid .com bloody two payments like 25 dollars and then i am paying another 20 dollars as well so that is 45 dollars right that you are taking out of my bank account no yo use are taking another about 35 dollars more why bloody two payments with cupid when i signed up for the monthly 25 dollars and about a week later after i yo use have taken your 80 dollars out of my account there is another two lots of payment for something that i cannot find or get into that i am paying for yes another 80 dollars and the thing is it is exactly the type written on my email as the last weeks one info UK and it has payed to what are you guys doing to me i am paying for four lots of bloody why is that i what out right now OK


Country: Australia   State: Western Australia   City: Perth Metro Area
Address: 19 ambridge st hammersley
Phone: 0894474750

Category: Dating


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