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Branch Manager nab Retail Dawn R Heyworth, Business Banking Associate David X Miller BANK NEGLIGENCE CONSUMER COMPLAINT ALLOWED CHEQUE FRAUD SCAM THEFT OF FUNDS Robina QLD

I was ROBBED by NAB National Australia Bank Robina Branch inRobina Town Centre, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia! Dont trust NAB and particularly do not trust your money tothe Robina Town Centre branch and the manager Down Heyworth they are totallyunprofessional!! They will pay your money to ANYONE without you signing!!And if you notice and come to stop this, they will mess it up and take yourmoney anyway and wont give it back!! And if you complain, they will only try to protect theirinterests and wont protect you; wont even apologize!! This is what happened to myself: My co-director and myself have a serious dispute over moneyin the company as my co-director stole/withdrawn without my authorization morethan $1 million from the company and refuses to return the money. He alsoforged my signatures on Bank Loans to another bank for $2.2 million (!) andstole lots of money paid by company clients without reporting it in thecompanys books or on his own personal tax declaration. When I discovered that, I got Court Orders to have dualauthorization on the companys bank accounts, so I have to sign / approveany transaction before the money can be paid out. We are still in a legaldispute and it goes for years with the slow process in the Australian Courtsystem (and extremely expensive too). I thought, OK now that we have dual authorization, the moneyis safe not at all! It appears dual authorization has no process in NationalAustralia Bank and they dont check it at all!! We recently had a dispute about a payment from the companyand I refused to pay money on it out of the company. My co-director then drew acheck from the company for $8,203, signed it ALONE and banked it. National Australia Bank PAID the check and didnt evennotice it would have to be dually authorized and paid it on a single signature. I noticed this withdrawal in online statements and came tothe bank immediately (the next business day) asking to stop the check andreverse the withdrawal as I didnt authorize the check and it was dualauthorization. The money wasnt cleared yet. I was told to sign a form requesting to stop check, which Idid and NAB took $15 fee for that. But the money didnt come back! I came to the bank againasking what was going on and was told by the branch manager Dawn Heyworth thatthe girl at the counter messed it up and didnt do it correctly, so now themoney was all cleared and GONE! I asked what I could do and was told to sign yet anotherrequest to return the funds. I did. In two weeks time the money still wasnt returned, and ontop of that, my co-director AGAIN issued two checks to the amount of $349,000(YES THIS MUCH!) in yet another bank and again without my authorization, tryingto withdraw funds. I went to the other bank and to their credit, they actedprofessionally and quickly and immediately stopped the checks and retuned themoney the same day to the company account. I came to NAB and asked them to freeze the accounts andinformed them about the fraud to the other bank and even showed them copies ofthe checks issued for $349,000. NAB said it was none of their business and itwas a different bank, and that they could not freeze the account as it was dualsignatory. Huh? They paid my money out to this thief on a SINGLE SIGNATUREbut to stop this, now they needed TWO SIGNATURES! I said it was BS and requested to put a freeze on theaccounts, and then Dawn R Heyworth sent my complaint to David X Miller fromAcacia Ridge Business Banking Centre (Address: 20 Kerry Road Acacia Ridge Qld4110) of NAB. David Miller rang me and said they would put a stop on debitsfrom the account and only would allow debits when we send a FAX requiring totransfer funds. What?? This thief FORGED MY SIGNATURES ON BANK LOANS FOR 2.2MILLION DOLLARS!!! And NAB told me they would pay my companys funds if theyreceive a FAX signed by the bloody thief and me! I told them again a FAX would not do it and I wanted afreeze on the account and a personal confirmation from me in order to pay outany money. David Miller then told me they would pay money on TWO FAXES:one from myself and one from the thief. AND HOW THIS IS SUPPOSED TO HELP?? In this age of digital technologies and with the thiefhaving hundreds of copies of my signature, NAB is going to pay my money out(which I just want them to put a STOP on) on a FAX?? I told them again this wasnt a good idea and NAB (DavidMiller) told me that if they have a doubt they will check with me. I just dont want any money to be paid out and NAB keeps tellingme how they will pay my money out after receiving a fax requesting to do so! I dont know how dumb a person must be to suggest this whenthey are informed about serious forgeries and fraud and they also witnessedfraudulent check themselves. It gets better! (Not) I requested again NAB to return the $8,203 to my companysaccount as it was unauthorized by me, and they keep telling me they referredthis matter to their legal department. In the meantime, no dispute has been opened about this transactionand it is already one month since the withdrawal happened. NAB now tries to justify their careless and negligent actionsand tries to say they didnt act wrong and the transaction was legit HOW COULDIT BE LEGIT WHEN I DIDNT APPROVE IT AND ITS DUAL AUTHORIZATION? Would you like yourbank to decide what you should and should not pay for? If yes, choose NAB they are now trying to tell me the money was paid correctly!! I didnt get as much as an apology!!! I cant even get answers to my letters! I rang today and the guy on the other end answered the phonefor David Miller and told me Mr. Miller was on a course. Is it a course wherethey teach how to steal money from clients and not pay it back?? Then Mr. Miller doesnt need it as he is doing pretty well alreadyI think. So, take note and STAY AWAY FROM NAB!!!


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