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Oliver Beling Denmark Audio Australia
Denmark audio white van speaker scam australia adelaide canberra gold coast sydney melbourne kahlil oliver beling misrepresentation

This is in regards to Oliver Beling's national white van speaker scam in Australia. The stuff sold are low quality cheap home theatre systems called Denmark Audio. Sold via a fake magazine they show you from their van and posing as a proprietory limited when in fact they are not. He is running this white van speaker scam at a national level, sending his vans interstate to try and avoid the law. The van will pull up next to you then the story will start about them being legitimate, fake receipts will be shown, and a story will be told of how the manager has authorised them to be sold at cost as a new model is coming in, and their client has cancelled and they have to break even.

I have included the address he registers his business under, his ABN under, and is under for the electoral role. Mainly as before anyone can submit a complaint to consumer affairs a leter of demand must be sent to the manager. I am unsure if Oliver really is at this address though, as the occupants claim he isn't (which could be a lie, I have had so many lies from Oliver and Joe, that I expect this to be another lie). nevertheless, this information is available freely from the business register in Victoria.

I can confirm that Oliver Beling is the guy running the Denmark Audio scam through my phone conversations with him.

I was ripped off by one of Oliver Beling's employees who issued me a reciept with Oliver's ABN and Paramount Audio Performance Pty. Ltd. on it. The address and phone number were fake. However a month or so later, I made a breakthrough from calling Oliver's parent's and a phone number for a Garry who is Oliver's mate I got off the net. Oliver eventually called me back offering me an exchange and his phone number. I told him the crap didnt work properly, it was low quality, and Denmark Audio was not in fact a sub brand of the Marantz brand as the catalogues his employee 'Joe' had shown me. Joe did this from Oliver's white van registered to Callingford Fleet. Joe made a huge list of misrepresentations such as it had a hard drive recorder, showing me the video in inputs. Now I know they are just a switch.

First thing that got me suspicious even before I had plugged it all in, was my blue tooth headset was gone from my car, but that's another story. nevertheless, when I set it up, a couple of the speakers didnt work, the ones that did made heaps of hiss, and the amplifier turned on and off intermittently. I could go on and on with a list of other faults in this unit. The hardest part is a lot of people will not report this to consumer affairs, believing they have bought stolen goods. These people are automatically entitled to a refund as they are not stolen if a letter of demand is sent within 10 days.

Anyways, Oliver told me he would sort the process with consumer affairs, but as the misrepresentation was by Joe, a refund was up to Joe, but an exchange was up to him. I told him I didnt want an exchange and he said he would come up with something with Joe.

I phoned Oliver again in the next few days and he said he was working on a 'plan of attack' with Joe, to put the money together, but he could not give me Joe's surname (As if Oliver is that short on money after ripping off so many people).

I gave consumer affairs Oliver's mobile number, Consumer affairs phoned Oliver.

The next time I phoned Oliver, he told me that he had spoken to consumer affairs and was arranging a 'solution' with them.

I phoned consumer affairs, and they said Oliver had said that he was sorting it out with me.

I phoned Oliver, he changed his story again, telling me he had told consumer affairs he was actually sorting it out with Joe, asking Joe if he could give me the money back. In the first conversation he said that he wanted to go about running a reputable business, but what sort of reputable business has the employees telling the boss what to do? What sort of reputable business has fake addresses on their receipts, and illegally represent theirselves as a pty ltd.?

I phoned Oliver again on the 28th and he said that he was just finalising the refund with Joe, and told me he would give consumer affairs a call on the Friday to give them the good news.

I spoke to consumer affairs on Monday or Tuesday again and I was told that Oliver had not called and was not returning his voicemail messages.

I left two messages on Oliver's phone, then I called Olivers mate Garry, and Oliver's mother, as he is living at his Mother's place according to the electoral role. His mother said he didnt live there anymore, but didnt know where he was operating from? I'm unsure whether this is true or not, but why else would his latest business 'classic tone' be registered there if he wasnt??? Oliver was born in 1985.

He registers businesses with names similar to existing businesses to throw people off track. Paramount Audio Performance Pty. Ltd. is the most well known one.

Oliver called back screaming, shouting, and swearing on the phone on the Wednesday, saying that he was trying to get the money together for the refund but Joe was making it hard (Oldest speaker guy trick in the book, practised by Century etc.). Again, if he is the boss, why are his employees telling him what to do? He told me not to tell his mother about what he gets up to again, or discuss his criminal trial at the magistrates court with his family, but I told him if he's going to register his address at that place, and not give anyone his proper address, or return calls, im going to have to assume that is the only number I can reach him on. Before hand I believed Oliver was one of those people who lacked emotions, but I realise now that this really got the wind up him by ringing his mother. I didn't even tell her the full extent of his actions. If he really is not living with his mother, why does he keep on registering everything at her address?

He has told me not to tell anybody about him so he can help me get my money back from Joe. "help me"? he's responsible for this. I know he is just stringing me along trying to stop me exposing his unethical and behaviour. Let me guess the next time I call him he is going to go "Guess what, Joe's dissapeared, and i've forgotten his name and address", sounds like the Century distributors story on here. Nevertheless, lawfully he should have Joe's taxfile number handy.

Oliver's story has chopped and changed so many times that its frustrating to hold a conversation with him. If he is going to lie he has to get his story straight. I'll admit, I haven't had to deal with anyone as immature as him since primary school.

He has admitted that he has Joe's full name but won't give it to me so I can get a subpoena, saying 'he doesn't want to get involved'. Oliver says that as he wasn't the person that actually sold me the goods he is doing a favour by asking Joe if I can have the money? If he is the boss and his ABN is on the receipt, he is liable. Why is his employee calling the moves?

As i said, Oliver's story is the same as all the other white van scammer bosses. He blames his employees. His employees ask for beer money, his Denmark Audio website even says S.T.F.O, he acts like any of the bosses from other countries and states previously exposed. Obviously there is some sort of central connection, or at least training between these different groups of S.T.F.O con artists.

Again Oliver has reverted to not returning my calls. He usually says after he answers his phone after me calling for a week, that he was too busy. How can he be too busy to return calls for a week? He has to grow the courage to be a man and take the first step to righting his wrongs. He's got to take the courage to answer his phone calls instead of worrying over them for a week.

He's only 23, if he doesn't pull his head in and correct his wrong actions, what's he going to be like at 30, at 40? It's never too late to come good on what you have done. People might actually grow some respect for someone who takes the courage to face up to their past wrongs.

I actually believe, now that Oliver was the little 23 year old scrawny, shy, light haired kid, who said nothing and sat in the van whilst Joe made the transaction. I guess I won't know until someone arranges a picture to be on the net, or his face appears on television for his scams.

Oliver, if you are reading this, you know exactly who I am, and I remember you telling me on the phone that you read the scam sites regularly. I think deep inside there may be some sort of humanity lost in you. I don't know if you had a bad childhood, I don't know how you got this way. You can change yourself, maybe you are scared if you sort out your actions with one person there are going to be hundreds more after you? If this is correct, take the courage Oliver, you are still young, you are only 23, you can make the change.

Now come to think of it, which didn't click at the time, the receipt was not on copy paper, no copy was kept by the con artist. Maybe the tax department would be interested in this one, is Oliver paying tax or claiming no income from his business?

He knows who I am


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