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An artwork fram
Damaged Item

I was carrying an artwork frame with glass during my flight from Tehran to Sydney on 27th of July. When I got my frame in Sydney Airport I found out that the glass has been smashed. I tried to talk to an Emirates customer service officer in the airport but unfortunately they were closed in that ...

No response

I discovered your web site too late. i have not received an answer and am afraid to check my bank balance. After reading complaints about this scammy web site i guess i'm not going to hear from then and out of pocket. Guess this is a lesson for me. I'm a single mum and was looking for a way out of ...


Hello, Im tired of hackers into my hotmail addy. I have cancelled one and reopened a new one but now I cannot get into the new one cos someone has cancelled that too. Now it is saying you have NO record of my new account. What the hell is going on!! On my previous complaints to hotmail, msn I have ...