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Chris Niarchos - Cobra - Dsmax - Granton - Prosales - Appco
Cobra - Dsmax - Granton - Prosales - Appcochris Niarchos - Cobra - Dsmax - Granton - Prosales - Appco brainwashing scam slave labour tax fraud lies Nationwide

The main purpose of this report is for individuals in volved with cobra and their subsiddary companies to recognise and scams they are being subjected to.

Since you have found this report i assume you have been offered a position with a cobra company, attended an premanagemant meeting, have a fried who is persistantly trying to recruit you to one of these companies or may already be working for them.

First you must understand the verry few owners premoted are repeatidly premoted as you almost have to have your promoting owners cock down your throat to stay premoted. Being premoted to owner doesnot guarentee the freedom as premoted to you. The most common practice of premoting owners is to force the owners under them back into the field on a retrain when their own bussiness starts making a loss. they can do this as your agreement to market the products via cobra can be changed at any time they will simply cut the MSF as to effectively cut the pay of your reps to a point where you lose everything having had a taste for the ownership lifestyle you will happily spend another year of two in the field making your premoting owner rich. this is the real preman.

As with so many former owners holding up the progfits of their premoting owners this leaves verry little space for premoting new owners remembering it costs an owner $15000 and 15 reps to premote anyone. as many of the cobra campaigns have a customer service component you will oftern be protected from possible complaints as long as you are usefull making money for your owner. building a team lends yourself as a positive example for your owner to show but actually premoting you costs them dearly, you will find in most cases the owner will suddenly withdraw the support in say customer service complaint as soon as an assistant owner gets close and their contract will be terminated.

Many of the owners will behind closed doors premote the work as tax free as the government having no way of catching you. this is verry much the case unless someone was to report you to thew tax department which is have seen done by owners when terminated assistant owners questioned the scam they have been brainwashed by for years.

Now you have the real preman want the job?? Thought not

Best way to escape this scam is to approach a local current affairs program and offer to do undercover filming to show the scam for money. most shows will pay 3 - thousand dollars for a day or twos work and supply all the equipment all you have to do is ask a couple of the wrong questions eg in a morning meeting "os that before or after tax?" your owner will pull you asside after and tell you in no uncertain terms to comply with his scam or bugger off current affairs love this shit.

Too scared to say
happy lane

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24 December 2014, 3:21 AM
Appco aka Cobra is just one tentacle of the global direct sales cult known to some as Devilcorp. The BBC, The Guardian, The Daily/Sunday Telegraph, the Irish Examiner and The Mirror have written numerous articles about this organization. They are about to be investigated by the N.S.W. Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing. The New Zealand government's Commerce Commission found them to be 'misleading' while selling energy door-to-door. It's a top shelf company.

If you go to , you will find a plethora of links to news reports, government rulings, lawsuits and video footage showing how these people do business.
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