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When I was 21 years old I responded to one of those ads in the newspaper, usually headed up with something that doesn't quite make sense. 'A laugh a minute' or 'Circle This.' This was in Australia mind you and we Aussies had never heard of DSMax, we all knew it as Granton Marketing. To tell you the truth I didn't know about Granton either until I applied for the job.

We all know the story, long hours, no money, pay our own expenses but damn it we all had a great attitude. I was studying at the time and was told this was OK, they would accomodate my needs.

Straight away I saw it for the pile of utter wank that it was. I can honestly say from up here on my high horse I had never seen a more depressing bunch of folk in my life. 'Yay! Yay! Juice Juice Juice. Sorry Mate can you spot me a tenner?'

Long story short, come the New year I applied to do my last year of study in Sydney. Fortunately one of the managers was opening a new office in Sydney, we would be selling cards that offer discount car services at the local Lube Mobil. I'm sitting here with a smile on my face because I honestly have no idea how I thought this was going to work. I'd been 'surviving' selling discount movie tickets but this was something new. Anyway I had a full bank account, one year left at uni, and we(myself and Brent) were moving to a new city to sell car cards.

Anyway his attitude changed before I got on the plane. He became arrogant, forced my into co-signing a lease we couldn't afford, went ballistic when I joined a Gym in Sydney arguing that 'we' don't have the money, was constantly showing me up in the office, we were dossers in another companies office you see. I think they were selling telephone packages. Anyway big smiles most of the time but then he did something which can only be described as a shootable offence.

We were mates before we moved up. He knew I had money saved from spending my teenage years collecting trolleys in the supermarket. The first few days were spent with three of us (ness had joined us aswell) divvying up the takings, two sales between the three of us on average. This was usually spent on a meal, a pack of smokes and petrol for the next day. But after the sales increased he stopped paying me. He would look angry and hurt when I asked for my share and then started asking me to dig into my college fund.

Of course I refused but when I went to pay the tuition, Did I mention I was studying only at night, he pulled me aside and told me that I cannot go to college and work for him as well. Two nights a week, half an hour early is all I needed but he said this was unacceptable. I told him regrettably I would have to leave the company. He then tried to convince me to give up college, already three years completed, and put my all into the company. Unforgivable.

He hassled me for rent even though he hadn't paid me, continuously insisting that I dig into the fund. Eventually he took a runner on the apartment with all my possessions and I never heard from him again. TV, Stereo, Bed, Videos, etc. all gone. I could have caught up with him I suppose, but it really wasn't worth the effort, a stereo from 1987 etc.

Brent, you are a gutter rat, you'll always be one step behind in life, Give up on that stupid company. Stop looking to be carried and certainly not by those to whom you are supposed to be an example. I am now working in London, six figure paycheck baby.

Anybody scanning the employment section of the paper and finding ads with meaningless headings, 'crazy people wanted' (Oh teehee) Keep looking or kiss your friends, family and social life good bye.

United Kingdom

Offender: Granton Marketing, DSMax

Country: Australia   State: Other   City: Melbourne
Address: grantonmarketing.com

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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