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Teams from this address, although appearing to be business like, are at best incompetent. Now in severe financial difficulty, they are unable to give the security that they are paid to provide, and because of financial difficulties, promised refunds may never appear. ...

Adt Security
Brilliant service

I would just like to thank Natasha for the amazing service she has given to us. We had a few issues with the installation but Natasha made sure that I am kept up to date and that the problem was resolved asap. Thank you so much Natasha She is a real asset to ADT hope she gets rewarded for the ...

Drive through car park

My car got squashed by another car in front of me @ the drive through car park, as he was trying to reverse back. The car park is so small and the lights are not working, other cars can hardly see others. This is just a reminder for kwinanas mc donalds to look at, if its safer for customers. ...

Samsung Electoronics
Disloyal Service

This Korean GIANT treats the Aussie market and it's people with contempt. It has no respect for Australia and Australians in general. Please think TWICE before buying any SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS or SAMSUNG TECHWIN products. I am more than happy to speak to people on the phone to eloborate the situation ...