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Bidding Buzz eBay Magic System
Ripping people off

From Anonymous

We are here to help you, you need to know the truth.

Bidding Buzz and it’s founders, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, are not what they seem and you may wan to know what you are getting into when you but a ‘How to get Rich’ program from them. They have a set program of mind washing and programing to make you buy their $3, 995.00 course or their $20, 000 course but they know that most that buy will never make more than a few dollars on eBay. Many have complained and requested refunds but those complaints are not addressed and no refunds are ever given.

They have made $8 million from seeling these programs and not from selling products on eBay. They use a structured step by step technique that makes people feel like they have all the answers and they can help you live your dreams. This is false, they do not have all the answers, they can not help you live your dreams and they make millions from selling ‘How to get rich quick’ courses to people like you. How you make millions on eBay is to copy what they are doing and sell your own ‘How to get rich on eBay’ program as 98% of people will fail at setting up a profitable long term business selling products on eBay unless you are already an established business with a product to sell. Yes you can sell products and make some money but 98% of all people that buy these types of courses do not create profitable long term business selling products on eBay.

Bidding Buzz sell a few products on eBay but their staff run the stores, not them, as they are busy selling their how to get rich programs to people like you. They turned over $108, 000 in the last 90 days with one of their products but it cost them $80, 000 in expenses staff to run it and the same with their other items on eBay. They have NOT become millionaires from selling products on eBay, they have become millionaires from selling how to get rich programs and courses and use the eBay name to provide credibility and confidence.

When they sell eBay how to get rich books and manuals on eBay they are a lead generation system where they are immediately sold the $3, 995.00 eBay Magic program and then a few weeks later given a free 3 day workshop/seminar ticket where they are sold a bunch more motivational manuals and dvds and then a few days after the seminar are called and sold the $20, 000 ‘Guaranteed to be an eBay Millionaire’ package. During these types of seminars the system follows a well worn path proven in the U.S. and all over the world as a winner when it come to making sales on big ticket items that sell a dream. We won’t cover it here but the entire 3 day workshop is a mind washing camp where you are sold a lie and with Matt and Amanda Clarkson we see in one of their facebook pictures hypnotist lights on their stage facing out at the audience, you can see for yourself. We are not sure if they work or not but the point is that they use them and a system that breaks everyone down to their failures and then lifts them up with some technical and motivational insights before selling the solution to all their needs, wants and dreams. These insidious systems are only used by the most devious of people that seek to make money from those that only have a little in the first place and wish to better themselves and their lives.

Unless you do everything exactly as in the courses and keep detailed records including video then you will not get a refund let alone a double your money back refund when you fail and the program doesn’t work for you. There are built in steps to these systems that nobody does so when you ask for a refund they can say well you didn’t do this thing & that thing so no refund.

Currently Bidding Buzz use eBay Guides and Reviews section to post articles on themselves explaining why they are not responsible for any complaints against them and that those complaining about them are false complaints. They are using key word spamming techniques to drown out the complaints against them by using the eBay › Buy › Reviews & Guides section of the eBay site where Bidding Buzz and the Clarkson’s have literally written 5 Reviews themselves, - Bidding Buzz Scam - Bidding Buzz Review – Avoid Bidding Buzz Scam Blogs - Matt And Amanda Clarkson Scam - Bidding Buzz Scam Blog, and used all the key word tags like bidding buzz scam | bidding buzz review | ebay magic scam | matt & amanda clarkson scam | ebay magic | bidding buzz scam blog | matt clarkson | bidding buzz complaint | bidding buzz scam review | matt and amanda clarkson scam | bidding buzz blog review | amanda clarkson | bidding buzz complaints | ebay scam, to rank high on Google. This is against eBay policy and It’s unfair to the public that they should use the eBay Reviews and Guides section get high rankings on Google and unfairly manipulate those rankings with false & duplicated information and tags so they can hide the truth.

Unless Bidding Buzz show you proof of their claims and give you the phone numbers of the hundreds of people they claim to have helped make of fortune on eBay then you may wan to consider your options before dealing with the company and the Clarksons. You have been warned.

Some of the Complaint Sites – they are all . com domains
blackhatworld /blackhat-seo/ebay/436791-ebay-magic-course-rip-off.html
scamfound /f13/matt-amanda-clarkeson-ebay-magic-scam-89375.html
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complaintsboard /complaints/matt-and-amanda-clarkeson-c299548.html? page=2
complaintsboard /?search=bidding buzz&page=2

Company: Bidding Buzz eBay Magic System

Country: Australia   State: Queensland   City: Gold Coast

Category: Internet & Web / Online Scam


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