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Bidding Buzz
Bidding Buzz Scam

Hi it's Matt from Bidding Buzz here, yes I use my real name here and in all online post's I make as I have nothing to hide.
It is and always has been, our intention to help people create more income with our education programs and have been doing so since January.
Since late 2012 we have been under attack from an ex disgruntled employee who has undertaken dishonest and illegal tactics with her partner to defame us and our company Bidding Buzz. They have set up numerous websites as part of this strategy as well as made continuous comments here on the ComplaintsBoard website under different hidden accounts.
These people do not care about your future or how they could be affecting it by poisoning your opinion of us and our eBay courses, without knowing the real truth. We are open to any conversation with you regarding these issues and caution you to base your decisions on anything you read here, or on any of the other scam or complaints websites they have built.
If we truly were scammers who ripped people off, we would not still be in business after 7 years and we have never once appeared in court or been convicted of unconscionable conduct with our business or programs. We have appeared on A Current Affair, The Kerri Anne show and channel Ten's The Circle, all with positive stories showcasing how we help people.
Also we have received sponsorship from Australia Post directly and surely if we were doing the wrong thing, eBay themselves would have stopped us. Instead they have fully endorsed our best selling book and signed off on the name and included copyright screenshots.
There will always be an element of people who do not complete our entire program and do not implement the strategies we teach to create a successful business.
Just like any education course on the planet, there are people who will not succeed if they do not follow the steps and ours is no different. Life will always have a balance of people who like you and don't like you and we are no different. This does not mean we are not an ethical company delivering valuable training which has and continues to change the lives of people who are now making money on eBay, based on our strategies and systems.
We offer a lifetime support help desk for all of our current and previous students. Those who contact us and use the help desk have always received the help and support they need.
There is only a handful of people who have chosen to anonymously voice their disappointment on a website like this, instead of contacting us for help which means we don't have the ability to discover what help they need and be able to give them the strategies to fix it.
If we truly were scammers or rip offs, then we would not still be in business today, nor would we still be receiving unsolicited, unpaid, real success testimonials from real people who have chosen to make this work for them and done the work required to become successful.
If you don't follow the steps, work hard, be persistent and use all the help strategies we have in place, then you would be unsuccessful in this or any other business strategy.
At no time have we ever said that creating an income on eBay is a get rich quick opportunity. There are amazing opportunities on offer with an eBay business however you will need to work for it.
Talk to us directly if you are curious or even unsure about us as we can give you truthful information and advice, instead of basing your opinions on poisonous, negative information given by people who wont even disclose their real identity.
Either way we wish you well on your journey and hope you find the right opportunity for you and get the right advice from people who really care about your outcomes, dreams and goals and have no hidden agenda.
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Matt Clarkson
Bidding Buzz

Company: Bidding Buzz

Country: Australia

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