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Severe burn - unanswered complaint

I boarded Emirates flight on 6th of April between Dubai and Sydney I received serious burns to my leg due to a extremely hot cup of tea. Despite the below email being sent to Emirates on the 13th of April with no response, 5 follow up phone calls to their feedback line, each time being assured someone would call back I have heard nothing form Emirates - I can only suspect they are not calling back as this would accept liability I believe they are responsible for.

My job number is DXB/X/YH/170413/6856103 which I originally received after my initial enquiry on the Emirates feedback line - which comes with a guarantee of response within 30days. I would also like to email Emirates the photos of my blistered leg that I sat for 10hrs on one of their flights with - the whole time being told by flight attendants that it 'it will be ok' 'I looks like it is getting better', and "it will not scar".

I still have a scar on my leg which is not fading. I would like a response from Emirates and in the bigger picture hope they lowered their tea temperature to avoid this extreme pain while on a long haul flight I had to endure.

13 April

To whom it may concern,

I’d like to bring to your attention serious feedback from a flight I recently took with Emirates.

During the first meal service my tea was spilt down my right leg and into my inner thigh. This was caused by the tea cup slipping down the tray and onto my lap. This tea was so hot my leg blistered during the flight and by the end of the flight it had began to peel.

When I alerted the hostesses they did issue simple first aid and were helpful in supplying new pyjama pants for me to wear. The first aid which was offered was not an appropriate level of care. I have since been advised by a medical officer this burn needed to be managed with 20 minutes of cool running water, and then application of cling wrap or adequate dressing. I raised concern about the lack of first aid and need to prevent the scaring, which was dismissed and I was assured there would be no scarring.

On arrival into Sydney I presented to Prince of Wales Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine. I was examined by a Medical Officer who diagnosed the burn to be of a first degree nature.

I find it hard to believe a member of your staff is qualified to provide a medical assessment regarding the outcome of my burn and didn’t feel the need to seek further guidance from a medical professional.

An incident report was also filled out on board but not the area at the bottom that described what happened – I was told that this would be filled out later.

It’s alarming to me that when I questioned why the tea was so hot, I was told by the area manager that ‘on this route the cliental we deal with demand their tea is hot, and become very disgruntled and difficult to deal with if not’. I did also make reference to other airlines that their tea is luke warm to avoid seemingly incidents like these.

I would be interested in receiving feedback from Emirates why satisfying a select group of passengers is put above the safety of all passengers aboard this airline.

There was a brief conversation had with the hostess, which led me to believe she was aware the tea was extremely hot. And furthermore when the Manager approached me in relation to the burn status later in the flight I again questioned the temperature and he disclosed ‘It didn’t used to be like this’

I would think, and the many people I have spoken to about my experience would agree, that the safety of all passengers should be the top priority and not compromising this to satisfy a hard to deal with client pool.

Below I have included details of the flight for your information, and I would appreciate a copy of the incident report form for my own records. I would like to provide photographs of the burn and a copy of the discharge notes from Prince of Wales Hospital for your review – if you could please send through the appropriate email.

I look forward to you response to this incident and why Emirates are taking the liberty to compromise the safety of your passengers.

I have always thought very highly of the service and passenger comfort Emirates has provided in the past but this incident has defiantly changed my opinion.

Passenger: Withheld
Flight: EK 412 Dubai to Sydney 06 April
Seat number: 57D
Zone: E
Skywards number: Withheld

S Berry

Company: Emirates

Country: Australia

Category: Cars & Transport


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