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Wool worths
Incompetent and useless store Manage

Wool worths (Campbelltown Mall Store)

Sep 5

outrageous behaviour of the staff

I would like to introduce you to a Most incompetent and useless Manager of wool worth Campbelltown mall store. store manager name is Aaron. Aaron is highly unprofessional and incompetent. His behaviour and reluctancy to take an action against one of his staff member was outrageous. details of my experience is as below. I seek full intervention of the wool worths Australia Senior Management, expect an apology not only from the senior Management but also from Aaron the store Manager at Campbelltown Mall store in NSW Australia.
I note that I have major brain surgery and do have a permanent medical condition, I am devastated with behaviour of one of the staff member and Campbelltown mall store in NSW.this afternoon I visited the store for shopping. I bought bottle of coca cola which were on special and came to the counter to pay for it. I was also going to buy cigarettes which has a seprate counter, I was given a docket and asked to proceed to the Cigarette counter and pay there, docket was given to me. I stood in a que and when reached the lady who was serving customers. I very nicely and politely asked her the price of the long beach rich flavour and asked her to please give me two packets, as soon as she got the cigarettes out of the shelve I quickly told her about the docket and that I need to pay for the coca cola bottles as well along with the cigarettes. I was shocked and very concerned when she quickly snatched the docket from me while my hand was over the counter which in fact is an assault. I did not react to that but quickly explained to her my medical condition and she replied who cares. it was outrageous and I felt I am in hell. she was so rude and aggressive and her behaviour towards a person with Major medical condition was unacceptable. I can not imagine what I went through. I paid for all the items and left the store. I was so upset that decided to return to the store and report this incident to her store Manager, when I asked that I need to see the store Manager the same customers service officer gave me a real ugly look and said you want to complain about me I replied yes, she said and I quote, Big deal go ahead and see what happens, I do not care. I stayed quite. I saw the manager coming, she ran towards him and said Manager Aaron came to me. I extended my hand to shake with him and noticed he was not very comfortable. any how I tried to explain what he happened but he was not wanting to hear anything and kept saying see what I can do. I strongly intend to emphasise that prior to the commencement of my conversation with this useless and incompetent store Manager Aaron, do you believe in protecting each other he was so dumb two times he said yes than I clearly asked if he is going to protect that customers service officer Aaron replied yes. I was shocked to note his behaviour and noted the bad breath, Hygene was an issue there too. behaviour of the Store Manager and that Customers service officer is outrageous, I believe that I am Psychologically assaulted and protest against their behaviour towards a person with Medical condition. I shall be soon posting the photo of the Campbelltown mall store Manager. I call for the readers support.a very interesting point to be noted here. I rang wool Worth head office in Sydney and spoke with a switch board operator Elizabeth who was not only kind but very concerned about the store staff behaviour. she immediately arranged a call back from a wonderful young lady "Tara" I believe from Complaints. she was eager to help me and did more than she could who put me through to the Area Manager who I found very concerned, can not confirm if he was really concerned or was being Diplomatic. He assured me that he will look in to this matter and get back to me. Area Manager was made aware that I will be writing about my experience and he offered me $100.00 gift voucher and name given was a gesture of good will but I believe it was to shut my mouth. I am asking senior management to please immediately take appropriate action against that customers service officer and the Incompetent and useless store Manager who has failed to take appropriate action. aaron has acted like a toothless tiger. my protest will continue until such time an apology from Aaron, customers service officer and Senior Management is received and I shall post Aaron photo on Google in due course to name and shame him. freedom of speech is my democratic right and I will exercise my right, hoping/ expecting a positive out come or I will continue writing

Company: Wool worths

Country: Australia   State: New South Wales   City: Campbelltown

Category: Miscellaneous


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