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My Tunes/Personality Factory.
These people have ripped off myself & many others!

We have had an association with My Tunes/Personality Factory. Our lives have been turned upside down trying to make this business work. But its so hard to do when there are so many restrictions to what one can do, what quantities one must buy and the fact that the wholesaler is our biggest competitor.

This is not the first report on these people, nor will it be the last as long as these two shysters are aloud to trade off good people. Many franchisees & distributors have gone broke or are in the process of winding up unprofitable businesses being crippled by outrageous costs, a lack of support from the owners, & being let down by a string of broken promises.

I have spoken to a number of fellow distributors/franchisees who have either gone broke or cannot make money on these sorts of businesses(like us!). The products are wonderful. There is generally a good vibe about them from customers, but the glut of like businesses on the internet and out in the general market place means that there is just not enough revenue and profitability out there. Oh, there are two people who do profit from this greatly- Das & Kingsley, the two owners.

These two are great at selling you their overpriced packages. They tell lies about how this person in Sydney is doing great with minimal effort and perhaps about the couple in Melbourne who are doing so well. Its all LIES!!! Their promotional material states examples of how distributors &/or franchisees can be making anywhere between $60,000 & $100,000 PROFIT in a year( despite the fact that probably most of these businesses wouldn't do that even in turnover). People have had crippling mortgages &/or have lost everything because of these two.

Here is a short list of the litany of unethical behaviour experienced by myself & what I've heard from others who have been franchisees/distributors of My Tunes:

* Security Dongles(the key to access the permission to create the Personalised Products we do) being stolen while a franchisee was on a toilet break.

* Staff at one kiosk being screamed at by Das while he availed himself to the computer while the franchisee was away.

* Accessing cash drawers(while the franchisee was with a customer)

* Unreturned emails & phone calls.

* Abusive phone calls.

* Over priced start up packages.

* Not helping with advice on how to get advertisements approved so as to actually generate more sales.

* Even on they're own website, most of the "locations" they state on their for follow up sales go back to their office number. So, chances are, if I've sold you a Personalized Product & you've lost my card, if you go onto the My Tunes/Personality factory website(because thats whats mainly splashed over all their products!!), chances are you won't be able to contact me again & all my hard work( or the hard work of anyone else that initiayed you as a customer) goes to the wholesaler who becomes the retailer AGAIN!!!!! How is that fair???

There are many more that I won't go into now.

All I can say is that if you see this report, I hope you see it before its too late & you haven't already signed with My Tunes. I've heard from good sources that they are now not welcomed at many shopping centres, and are about to loose many more as other kiosks shut down. They will blame everyone else but themselves, but the truth is is that they are fast becoming the most despised men in all of the children's retail sector.

I have also met people who have formerly have had dealings with these two, but have had to right off their losses.

All you need do is contact any of the My Tunes distributors/franchisees. Start from the top of any Google search for anything Personalized Childrens stuff related. Try the first two pages which usually indicate businesses to do with any searchesshould be the ones that are the most successful. See if you actually find ANY that are truly happy with Das &/or Kingsley.

You will see more reports come out about these two as there are many of us who are unhappy. To Best Books, JMM, Tinkerhouse Studios & anyone else who we get products through My Tunes; dissasociate yourselves with My Tunes now before your good names get dragged through the mud unnecessarily! In this day of internet communications & Skype telephone technology, it would be cheaper to get the products off yourselves directly & save all the hassles.

It would take a little adjusting, but your market here in Australia would be so much better off. We don't want or need master distributors , espesially when they are crooks like Das & Kingsley.

Very unhappy.


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