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Intervest Live, Intervest Global
Horse Racing Software Scam, I paid $19750 and lost $23000 more, Horse betting software ripoff, Intervest Live Complaints, Intervest Global Complaints Queensland


This is a complaints page from people who have been ripped off by Intervest Live or Intervest Global.
They sell horse racing software.

In September 2005 I invested in what I thought was a home business.

I bought "data analysis" software from a company called Intervest Live, or Intervest Global.

Don't be fooled people (like I was), it is horse betting or gambling software.
I set up a blog site to share my experience and to help others not get ripped off.

(These guys actually advertise at Franchise Expos - How I don't know!)

I have been inundated with emails from others who have also been mislead by this company.

The original blog is www.intervestscam.blogspot.com/

Please feel free to email me if you too have complaints about Intervest Global or Intervest Live.



Here is the correspondance.

I have taken out email addresses for privacy reasons.

I have found most people are scared of Intervest as they seem to get pretty nasty when you ask for your money back.

Leanne Blyth


Hi Leanne,

I saw your post on intervest. I also bought it around this time last year. I stopped using it after I lost my initial $2000 tab account, but I bought the software for $24750.

These guys are absolute scum. I've seen some people trying to sell their copies on ebay for around $10000 to $15000. I don't know if there's any way to recoup our loss.

I guess we just have to try and move on after this setback.

Hope to hear from you,



Hi Leanne, i have been looking at a couple of horse racing betting systems , and the opposition of intervest global live emailed me your article. It makes for interesting reading and most certainly i will scrap them from my thinking.

Thankyou for putting your article on the net and warning people of this very dubious company.

the other company is Technology 21 have you had any dealings with them, or know of anyone who has.

Iwould appreciate any feedback .

Thankyou for taking the time to read this email even though you dont know me.

my email




Hello Leanne,

I have received the attached file from a company called Technology 21 who pursue a horse racing software.

I myself along with 2 others have gone for the IGL software and to be honest the results are way down in the red. Needless to say me and my partners are not happy with the product. However, the deed is done.

Since you have taken the trouble to put this down, do you know of any other software that works and is genuine?


Kind Regards


Hello Leanne

You don't know me but I have seen where you have had dealings with the above Co.

I have been looking at them all but have been warned off IGL and wondered if you would care to tell me of your experience and why it did not work for you.

Also have you looked at any of the others out there ?

Look forward to your reply



Hello Leanne,
I just read your post and i am deeply sorry this has happened to you.
I suffered the same fate as far back as 1992 when I first bought a "racing program" from Queensland.

My screen name is Puntz and I piss those off who want to sell racing programs at such prices.

Let me tell you this though, please do not discredit the racing industry just because of a few who take advantage.
These people has no remorse, they are cowards.

However, there is a positive to my story because I could see through the scams and searched for a way to make tax free money.
Here at Punting Ace, most of us were once "Victims", but that still does not mean you can trust everyone still. Every one has "something to sell" and this is where I draw my own line, I do help punters if they need anyhting as far as developing their own systems.

The way to go about the long term haul to break even is the best thing that has ever happened to racing and sports betting for that mater
It is Betfair, it is a betting exchange.
I don't know if you ever want to continue with betting, but we here at Punting Ace and not "gamblers" we take our Trading seriously. But Betfair is what I think in my own opinion will save the day for many who want to pursue a tax free 2nd income.

If you do choose to go down this path, I can reccomend you things to read before you lose anymore of your money, but please I hope you don't see the entire racing industry is a scam just because of these cowards.
On my post I do write thet I was at one of their meetings in 2006, I tore their system to pieces and they could not wait for the meeting to end. I don't think they made any sales that day either, but that was just one day.




Hi Leanne,

I have read your comments on Trilogics with great interest, as I have also spend a lot of time and effort to get this program to work. Middle of last year I joined forces with a gentleman who had purchased the IGL program about 3 years ago. As he is working full-time, he wanted me to operate the system on a profit-sharing basis. I underwent the IGL training, which was conducted by a very well spoken and intelligent gentleman by the name of Douglas Baradell, who was the company's senior instructor at the time. I have heard that he has left at the end of last year...

I started operating the system with great enthusiasm, as I was very impressed with the results that were provided, but I soon realized that these results were arrived at with a great deal of hindsight at the best, but were often totally wrong anyway. And my enthusiasm took a nosedive quite early when I saw that this system simply does not work, so I stopped the live betting process.

Then came the transition to TriLogics and the long break, when the program was not operational, which was scandalous considering the amount of money the program costs. However, I spent many hours every day analyzing the results on the history sheets, when it became operational again also downloading and analyzing the daily results, on the gallops and the greyhounds. I did not touch harness racing, as I simply did not have enough time for it.

I found that TriLogics is a very good statistical research tool, it is capable of a number of betting modes, and it totally beats me why these people just push Trifecta Betting, where the only successful results they can show is the equivalent of an odds-on win bet. I contacted Douglas on several occasions, asking for information on the other betting modes, greyhound racing and harness racing. Needless to say, I never got a reply. Perhaps Douglas Baradell was not there anymore, but at least someone else should have answered. At the price of this software you would expect to be entitled to some customer service.

This, and a few other observations, convinced me that the people that are selling the product know more about selling than they know about the product, and that they probably were not involved in producing the system, just in marketing it. Perhaps the system worked initially, because the trifecta pool would not have been divided between so many users. But of course, just selling the software to as many people as possible, has netted them millions already, while the results have dropped below profitability, and must diminish even further with every copy sold.

Anyway, I am trying to get something going on the greyhounds, win or place betting, the fields are limited which is great, but the price pools are much smaller. I found that you can achieve a very high strike rate, but unfortunately the number of bets goes down, and it is no fun to sit in front of the computer for 4 hours, perhaps to have one bet only. And the profitability would depend greatly on the bet size, where you also have to observe a cut-off point according to a certain bet-to-pool ratio.

I would really like to hear more about your experience, and I am disgusted about the way they suckered you in. But they have done this to a lot of people, which of course is not much of a consolation...




To: leanne.blyth@bigpond.com

Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 11:29 AM

Subject: Re: Intervest Global Live

Hi Leanne,

My name is G and I too have been burnt by Intervest Global Live. They still won't give me my money back after losing $3,000 trading their system. I have been to ASIC and the Queensland Department of Fair Trading but nothing has been done. I have even been to a lawyer but it was going to cost me too much to take them to court.

All they will do is permit me to sell the program second hand. Even then they are going to charge me $5,000 to train someone else on the program.

Well done for having the guts to take them on.

You must have quite a few people who have contacted you. Maybe we can join together and go to the media or form a class action against the group.

Let me know.



It was a Mr Whyatt that phoned me at some stage saying his company was all above board. What CRAP. The unfortunate truth is we will never get our money back. They have it all worked out. If you wish to phone me , you can on

Regards P

Leanne Blyth wrote:

Thanks P

There are so many people that have come out and have been as frustrated as you and I.

They really behave quite unprofessionally when people say they are unhappy with the program. They get really nasty and verbally agressive.

I placed a note on aucomplaints.com and the MD Mathew Whyatt sent a really nasty note back about me being bitter and twisted and not spending time training.

I have never met or spoken to the man and so how does he know anything.

Really crazy stuff I say.
Never know a MD or a company to spend so much time on internet forum sites, bagging people out.

They must get a hell of a lot of complaints.

Take care and thanks for the support.

Leanne Blyth

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To: leanne.blyth@bigpond.com

Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2007 6:05 PM

Subject: rosekirk

I read your story on the rosekirk forum. I was stooged $5500 from rosekirk. I have been in contact with Intervest Global just to see what there system is like. If you read the rosekirk forum I go under the name of SOT. I put my phone number on the forum and have been in contact with some people. When the owner of Intervest Global phone me he said that the actusations I was saying about his company was false. YOU HAVE PROVED I WAS RIGHT. I hope him and Larry Pickering go DOWN.

Regards P


This is a link to a horse racing forum.

You will see intervest staff there arguing with people. Lots of abuse and language.

Just appalling and very unprofessional.


ps they do claim a 70% success on races but last year it was running at 54%

That is a big difference and so you are losing almost as much as winning.







CTTT Complaints Tribunal


ACCC complaints


There are enough complaints around but most people are too embarrassed.

Some more copy about I/G below


Leanne Blyth

"RE: Intervest Global Live"
In response to message #125


I tried to claim a refund because I could see that it would take me ages to make back my money. and I was frusterated at only making a small amount each week (around $500 a week averaged out) using their Money Gaps and $150 bets. I found it very hard to wait around for 4 - 5 hours to find one or two bets. I wanted more action. It was harder then being at work, I was frusterated because I couldn't get the $2000 plus a week like they claimed. My bank could never grow because IGL was my source of income so I was taking money out of my bank weekly to live on. I was doing worse then when I was only win betting. But once I combined my Win betting with IGL, things really looked up. Most weeks I only bet with IGL 2 or 3 days a week (Although I have it collecting data every day) and I live very comfy.

IGL will not give anyone a refund, they will offer to sell your program on your behalf at a reduced price and a comminision so at the end of the sale you will get back less then half of what you paid for it.




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