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Cobra Group - Illusive Cube - Airborne Enterprises
Door to Door Sales - how they scam young people.

I went for an interview with a company in Adelaide called Illusive Cube (a member of the Cobra Group) after answering an internet advertisement which was looking for young guys and girls to work in a fun environment and be rewarded for their hard work etc etc I emailed my resume and received a telephone call a few hours after asking me to attend an interview.

I attended the office which is on South Tce, it was neat, funky and modern. I was greeted by the company director who was well-dressed, well spoken, enthusiastic etc. (While I was waiting for my interview there was 5 other people also waiting for an interview) During the interview I was given a brief history of the company Cobra Group, told all their "big name" clients and told how the company gives people the opportunity to progress through the ranks. I was invited back for an observation day (the next day) which I was told would be from 12.30pm - 8.00pm.

I was enthusiastic but still did not know what the company did. I arrived at 12.30pm and there were 5 other people also attending. We had a quick meeting with a man who told us about the clients, human commercials, how it was more cost effective for charities etc to use human commercials and how we were going to have a fun day. While this was going on we could hear yelling and jumping around upstairs (we were told to ignore the noise - the leaders were getting enthusiastic for the day)

We were led back to the reception area and I was the first person to be called up to meet my leader. I was told they were the best trainer (I have a feeling everyone gets old their trainer is the best) We met a couple of the other people who would be in my "team" for the day and got into the trainer's car. (Considering how much he claimed he was earning it was not a very good car) We then spent the day knocking on people's doors asking them to donate to a charity. My trainer got 3 sales that day and told me he would earn $70.00 per sale (which sounds good however after reading other reviews on this site about the company I know realise once all the other %'s are taken out it probably was a figure far smaller than $70.00) We continued door knocking until after 8.00pm. By the time we drove back to the office it was close to 9.00pm and the other trainers/leaders and teams were starting to arrive.

I received a phone call from the company director asking how my day went etc and then I was informed I had the job and when could I start. I told the director next week and he said there was a training session at the end of the week which I could attend. I received a sms from my trainer inviting me to coffee.

I drove into the city and met my trainer for coffee. He was well dressed in a suit and paid for my coffee. He provided me with some training materials and explained what would happen in the training session. He told me a bit about the company and how one VP earns $2 million in commission each year. After the coffee I came home and googled "Cobra" this sit came up and after reading through all the reviews I decided not to attend the training session. My trainer has sent me a message and called 2 times but Im not answering! After reading the other reviews I now realise that it is a powerful scam which tries to entice young people through the promises of promotion and having fun. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories - if it was not for this site I may have become "addicted" to the company like some of you have explained.



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