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Stanly Home Care Kirby
Stanly Home Care - Kirby ripoff, Intrusive con-artist salesman, Pile of sh Kirby worth $50 at most! A laugh n a half. SIK THE DOG ON EM!!! Queensland

Hahaaaaaaaa man. I was indeed the lucky victim of a Kirby salesman yesterday arvo.

There was a knock at my front door, opened it to find this ugly little princess (about 18) smiley at me with a head full of braces. She shoved a pamphlet in my hand and told me of how they have just started up a new company and they are going around cleaning residences homes (1 room only) for FREE to show how great they are and the only condition is that we tell as many people about their service as possible.

Well I thought "WOW, what a great way to start a carpet cleaning business. Well of course you can clean my toddler-stained carpet little miss. I'll even shout you a glass of water to wash the food outta yer braces". No I really didn't think that part but looking back in hindsight I really should have!

And so she said the boys will be around within half an hour to give it a clean.

COOL CHOPS MATE! A fast talking salesman with his little redhead sidekick entred with a rediculous old fashioned Vacume and well it didn't take long to work out what this was. I started looking for the T.v cameras. Was just like television shopper programme laughing on the inside I went along with it.

The salesman took off to go con another one of my neighbours while this sixteen year old (dressed in an oversized suit) started vacuming my carpet. He stopped ever few seconds to take out some white circle and show me the dust. I got sick of this after 12th time and took over the vacuming for myself.

Yep got that done. Was hard to manouver. Piece of sh really and I said so. This kid was a nice kid. I swear he had A.D.D though unfortunately. He ended up staying for four hours! He didn't want to leave. I swear he wanted to move in. My partner Mick tried to escape his conversation a few times by going outside to swing our toddler on the swing or openign the bonnet of his old FORD but the kid followed him around like a little puppy..and I'm like" OI, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CARPET CLEANING?". It was hilarious

Anyways like I said. FOUR hours later the salesman rocks up. He takes over. During the shampoo process he kept trying to rev me up about the crappy vacume cleaner that looked like it was sprogging all over the floor. I had a closer look. I found that the only thing the Kirby was doing was fluffing up my carpet. It didn't remove any of the spots. Not even the little piece of muffin stuck in the carpet (which I easily removed by hand afterward). This Kirby wasn't even comparable to the VAX!

OH then we get the salesman talk again. This time it included the price tag of $3850. "SNORT" chuckle chuckle. I broke out in tears laughing at him. Then he says "ya know what, I can get a better deal for you, it's called the family and friends deal". I said "ooooh really, Dooo tell" he then tells me he could give it to me at the bargain price of $2600. "Could I welcome you to the Kirby Family?".


This poor kid doesn't know what to think! He had so much respect for his boss until he met my partner and I. Then he even started informing us of how crappy this machine is "and I would know, I have to use it all day everyday" he said. He must have been fired for that one given the look on the salesman's face. If looks could kill

So there was no sale at my house last night. If I wasn't laughing so hard I would have thrown both the salesman and the fluffy machine out the door.

Bottome line. They are con-artists with sh equipment to con with. Karma will get em, if we don't!

Gold Coast, Yukon

Offender: Stanly Home Care Kirby

Country: Australia   City: Gold Coast
Address: 26 Strathaird Road Bundall
Phone: 0755262252

Category: Miscellaneous


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