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Company CEO is extremely insulting and arrogant. Melbourne

John Venema is the CEO of this company. He does not care how he speaks to you as a customer. You will insult you in a heartbeat for no reason and then stand there a swear up and down that what he said was not insulting.

I love to fly the microsoft flight simulator and make videos for youtube, simteevee and Vimeo. After I post a video, I would make post in different flight simulator forums with a link to it. After the release of FTX from Orbx, I use the scenery in some of my videos and would post a link in the Orbx forums to it.

About one month ago, I received a PM (private message) from John Venema who I believe is (correct me if I am wrong) the CEO of Orbx. In this PM, he told me that my videos had only quantity and no quality. (His exact words) He said I needed to spend more time on them to make them perfect if I wanted them posted in the Orbx Video Showcase.

Let me say right here that I never in any way requested or expected that my videos be posted there. I guess his ego told him that everyone in the world wanted that. This PM was unsolicitied, very blunt and to the point and it really insulted me and hurt my feeling deeply. I still can not believe that anyone, especially a CEO, would say things like that and in the manner he said them without intentional meaning to insult someone.

I waited a couple of days to calm down and then send him a civil reply letting him know that he had greatly insulted me. He replied back to that saying that it was only a critique. Well, I happen to know that you can critique someones work without being blunt and insulting. In this reply, he did not say that he was sorry for insulting me.

About three weeks later, I was approving/disapproving some comments on YouTube and I added the following comment. "Well I found another Clique. The forum at the Orbx FTX site has another real good one. The CEO of Orbx loves to insult those who don't live down under." Now as far as I am concerned, this comment is factual. I don't live down under. I let the man know that he insulted me and he has in no way said that he was sorry for doing it.

Yesterday, I received the following email from him.
"Not sure why you've reacted so badly to my suggestions about your videos, but I see you've pulled all your video posts off the Orbx site and have not returned. I am sorry you've reacted badly but to be honest in light of your comments posted over at youtube (which were brought to my attention by another Orbx customer), I really don't see why Orbx should reward that sort of behaviour with a free product, especially since all your other videos posts has been pulled from our site.

Let me explain the free product. About 6 weeks ago, Orbx had a contest. The first person to post a two minute edited video with music would win a free copy of Au Red. I happened to be working a video and I just shortened it down to two minutes and won.

Now back to his email message above. Earlier he had called his original insults a "critique". As you can see above, he now calls it "my suggestions" . There is no way by any stretch of the imagination that the original PM could be called "suggestions". He finally says "I am sorry" but not sorry that he insulted me. Only that I reacted badly to his insults.

Do you think maybe he is sorry I reacted badly because it means I will not be buying anymore Orbx products. He seems to be upset that I pulled all my FTX videos off the Orbx. Well what does he expect? He told me that my videos had "NO QUALITY" now he is upset that I pulled them. Maybe his is upset that I am no longer advertising for Orbx by posting videos with his products?

My opinion is this. This guy is an egotisical Butthole who thinks that because he is the CEO of a successful company, he can say whatever he like to someone and they should not get upset by it. I am not going to suggest to anyone that they not buy Orbx products. I just wanted you all to know what transpired with me so you can make a more informed decision about the kind of person you are dealing with. I will certainly never give them (Orbx) another penny of my money.

Offender: Orbx

Country: Australia
Address: www.orbx.com

Category: Internet & Web


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