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Andrew and Daryl Grant
andrewanddarylgrant.com Utter Scam and Ripoff!

Andrew and Daryl Grant are the biggest con artist around. If you get emails or glossy brochures from these two scam artists asking you to part with your money, be warned!

They sell you big on the "get rich" work from home.... make money while you sleep... gosh you can make a quater of million working from home without having to really work at all in fact.... because you earn the money while you sleep! HA, and I am the tooth fairy!! and people buy into their crap, in droves.... they say there is a sucker born every second. They prove it.

These couple who must have been desperate to start with, wrote up a few ebooks, in fact they get others to write those little ebooks, then they try to flog them on the internet. Now, when they started out it was still pretty fresh, and there was a market to selling ebooks for 29.00 or what ever.

Today, any one trying to make a passive income through sellingh ebooks must have rocks in their heads!! Every man and his dog is trying it for christ's sake and failing..... Now the Grants also realise this, that's why they are teaching mugs & suckers "how to" at $3,300 a pop through their information kit!

People this is a complete rip off, do you know how many ebooks you need to sell at $29 to recoup that $3,300.

These guys are SLEEK, they hire specialists to write up copy on websites that make their kits and tutoring programs or their latest gismo sound so compelling, everything they say or do is aimed at separating you from your money, it's entirely calculated to the very last smile, or word in their email. and yes, it's set to make them seem ohhh, so genuine. you'd be cazy not to buy their stuff they tell you, I mean they have $20,000 worth of bonuses FREE if you buy, wow what value! what utter BULLSHIT. These couple send out email after email, they send out glossy brochure after glossy brochure, they show you their wealth, they have pictures of their "toys" and trips overseas, and they ask you to join them. They sound so "regular" and so lovely, they play on your fears & your greed.... sure it's easily, come on, try it.... The catch? well you gotta pay them $3,300 for the privilege. How the heck else do you think they can afford the toys, and lifestyle if it's not for suckers like you and I. of course, you won't make $250,000 selling ebook- may be 10 years ago you could of, you know that, I know that and the Grants know that.... but your greed gets the better of you.

Well here it is. I have gone through their programs and it's garbbage, rubbish-n commen sense and a little research and your there- you can get most of the information they are trying to flog you for thousands of dollars for FREE simply go to there is tons of Free information about how to do it on ezinearticles.com and many, many others.... it's not brain surgery, but it is not easy and the time and effort and fees for pay per click advertising will drive you eithwer crazy or broke.... most probably both.

would I want to do ebooks after going through this experience- not a chance.

What is it that Andrew and Daryl Grant are actually selling? well they are selling you a dream. Sadly it's a dream they know will not materialise for you. Which kind of makes it a scam!

Don't be a loser, don't let them scam you for thousands. If you have what it takes to succeed, you will make your own way. if you want to buy into a bullshit dream, sure you can dream for a few weeks of working from home, being hugely wealthy and having to do little at all for it all..... but when you wake up you'll still be in the same hole only several thousand dollars poorer! and the Grants well they can now afford another trip to America or Egypt or a new toy.... paying for it with your money:)

Don't touch their trash. you will regret it.


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