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Flight Centre Macquarie Center (Kasia Labruna)
Didn't pay our hotel and arrived at the hotel and had to pay it again. Money hasn't been refunded yet

This is an email I sent making a complaint to Flight Center customer support. I received a call the next day from a general manager apologizing for everything that happened, and saying that the money owed to me was already sent. The next day I receive a call from Kasia (please read below to understand more what happened) asking where to send the money?. So it means the money wasn't sent, even though I was told it was. This ads to the innumerable irregularities that I had to go through. The list keeps going on, but this reached to a limit where I think I have to get legal advice to get my money back. Please read the below which explains on as much details as possible. I have written proof and invoices of everything.

To summarize what happened:

- I went to Flight Centre Macquaire Park on the 18th of June to do a booking for the GRAND PACIFIC hotel in Singapore for 4 nights.

- I paid a total of 758 AUD which covers four nights between the 19/06 and the 23/06.

- The paperwork received from Kasia, clearly confirmed that, and the dates stated above.

- The next morning we received an email from Kasia stating the she made a mistake on the dates, and that there was no availability for those dates in that hotel, but that she managed to find another hotel (HOTEL CONCORDE SINGAPORE), at no extra cost for us. We never received information until that moment about how much the new hotel was.

- I mentioned it was ok, as long it was at the Orchard Rd.

- I approached Flight Center that same day in the afternoon to get the new booking. It is at this moment that we received information about the new cost, and I double checked with Kasia, where she confirmed again that it was at no extra cost for us, since it was a mistake she made. The paperwork stated the cost of the new hotel at 1426.54 SGD for the 4 nights.

- We departed to Singapore the next day and arrived at the CONCORDE HOTEL at around 2 am the 20/06

- At the hotel, we were informed that they haven't received the payment yet from FLIGHT CENTRE, so we had to give our credit card as a deposit until the hotel receives the payment from FLIGHT CENTRE.

- We then received an email from Kasia stating that she didn't manage to do the payment with the hotel (she didn't mention why), so she would do a refund to us to our account for the money we would have to pay for out stay at the hotel ASAP.

- At this point, we had to use 1600 AUD from our credit card, this was a big part of our budget for this trip and holidays, and my wife was left with 35 AUD of available credit. This was an initial holding deposit, not the final payment.

Luckily I had some credit available but we had to limit even more our expenses due to this.

- Kasia informed that she would do the payment immediately, after receiving the invoice/receipt from the hotel.

- We sent by fax to Flight Centre, directed to Kasia a letter stating the holding amount. We didn't hear from Kasia anymore. This was last Saturday.

- After checking out from the hotel, we received the invoice/receipt. We sent this by email. The invoice is again attached to this email. We didn't hear from Kasia either when we sent this to her email.

- We then were informed by phone that that she would be coming back on Monday the 24th of June. Her automatic email reply also states that she would be coming back the 24th of June.

- The 24th of June, I spoke with Angela at noon, and she informed that Kasia would be coming back on Wednesday the 26th. My point is: the misinformation seems to be the norm at Flight Centre Macquaire Park. Customers are the ones that suffer the consequences? Someone has to take action then. Nobody is assuming so far responsibility of what's happening, the reason for me to write this extensive email, so I don't have to repeat myself several times, until someone there takes further action.

- We haven't received our money yet which totals more than 1600 AUD, as we were deducted more than the amount stated in the invoice since we had to give a holding deposit, and that holding deposit hasn't been released yet since it is an international transaction.

Pretty much, in all sense of the word, it seems like they are having fun with our situation, as we desperately need our money back, we didn't spend the holidays we expected to have, and we even receive notifications, the money was going to be transferred this afternoon to incorrect bank accounts, after sending several times the right bank account numbers to their email addresses. It's like one mistake after another after another after another... etc... you get the point. It's just endless and seems to me a bad joke.

What legal actions (if any) can we take against Kasia Labruna (Flight Centre Macquaire)?




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