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So yesterday I woke to find an email warning from the Facebook Team stating that I wanted to merge my FB places with a FB page that I've never used or never seen before this is the URL they wanted me to have:

I was confused about this because I had successfully merged my FB page:
with my FB places:
and had started a campaign to promote this URL:

I logged into my account and a pop came up when I logged into stating that they were merging my places with this new URL: (that I've never seen before)
and click accept if you understand...

(unfortunately I had no choice because I couldn't get access to my accounts if I didn't so it was forced to me to say yes).

I then found that I had no access to my business page: and that my like campaign to promote this page had been paused.

Angry I took to social media to tell my story. I colleague of from LinkedIN posted last night his story when he created a campaign with FB that he woke one morning to find his daily billing had been increased to $3000 from a $200 campaign and that FB had spent $170.

I logged into my account this morning to find
1) My like campaign promoting had been activated
2) I still didn't have access to this URL as the owner of the business and it returns a 404 error page doesn't exist
3) My daily billing had increased from $600 to $2 per day

Lucky for me I caught it early and that I had only been charged $4.00 and that I use paypal so I was able to let paypal know not to pay FB and changed my paypal access details so that FB can't be paid until I resolve this issue.

The strange thing is that you can't activate a like campaign without a valid URL. I remember this when I produced the campaign and none of Groovy Mail's business URL's work they all return a 404 error page doesn't exist.

The URL that FB decided to give me doesn't even work:

I know I followed the steps as an administrator to claim my business
I got an email confirmation that I had successfully claimed my business and I successfully merged my page with my places and then 3 days after I start a promotional campaign I have no access to my business name pages, places... I tried to set up another business page but I can't claim my business name Groovy Mail because it isn't available.

I get there isn't customer service for any facebook users but if you pay for service Facebook should have a team specifically managing ads and to service any questions to those business promoting on there site. Facebook is in bad business and judging by this site about all the non confirmed charges it's fair to say...

Use paypal and not a credit card with them because Paypal can help you with any issues.

Facebook still won't look at this as serious case...
They are only messing with my Business name that is legally trade marked in the USA.

I probably won't ever get my business page name back

Company: Facebook

Country: Australia   State: New South Wales   City: Sydney

Category: Miscellaneous


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