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Poor customer service

I am absolutely appalled and disgusted the way my family and i were treated and talked to by the emirates staff who were in charge of the flights to Dubai last night (September 11th) departing 22.30 from Perth International Airport. I have never in my life been so furious and up until today i am fuming about how we were treated last night. Firstly we were told by one of the male staff that our luggage was 5kg over so we took the bags to the side and took out heaps of things from it. We had one large suit case, one smaller carry on suitcase and my dads medicine bag. My father was travelling alone. We then went back to the same male and he was giving us so much attitude and cutting me off when i was trying to talk to him. He said we need to take another kg out of the the smaller suitcase because it was meant to be 7kg but it was 8kg. We opened the suitcase to show him there was barely anything in there and he said it doesn't matter and its not their problem that we chose a heavy suitcase and that we should have chose a lighter one. So we started emptying the bags again and moving things around. Another lady (explained to me she was the shift runner) came up and started to join the conversation and said to us that we can have 8kg max in the smaller suitcase but we need to take out a kg from the large one. I started to get frustrated because this would be the 3rd time we have to take the suitcases to the side and take things out. SO i asked her why the male staff said we are only allowed 7kg and your telling me we can have 8kg? She ignored that and said to me that "if you want us to follow policy we will only allow you 8kg". This got me really angry because i thought firstly you should always be following policy, secondly ALL staff should be following the policy, not giving different info! So she told us just take 1kg out from the small bag and your dad is good to go. We then took more things out and it weighed 7kg, but then the 3rd male staff member we had (different form the first male) said the larger suitcase needs another kg out.By this time i got really frustrated and said your shift runner said that the larger suitcase is fine and that it is okay to be a kg over. He then started giving us soooo much attitude and called the manager. (the manager for the night), she called another lady who explained she was some sort of bigger manager i cant remember. We explained that my fathers two nephews passed away yesterday, hence why we immediately booked the flights for him to go to Afghanistan to be there for the funeral. The staff were extremely rude even though we told them this and they were not sympathetic in ANY way what so ever. They were very blunt and rude and then final lady (manager) said "the policy is policy you can only have 30kg". So we took more things out for the 4th time and i told her we were very very unhappy, my family had a very emotional day, we lost 2 members of the family in one day and the last thing we needed was your poor service. I also said to her that if the first gentle man simply said right from the beginning to take this and this out we would happily have done that. But the fact that we were served by SIX different staff members and EACH one was giving different info was very frustrating for us and unfair. One staff member was saying a kg over is fine, the other was saying no. Then the manager was saying that my fathers medication wasn't allowed either and that it has to be added onto the 7kg. That is medication he STRICTLY needs and we told them that he has diabetes and a heart condition and the staff in the past have never said anything about it.

As if that all wasn't enough.. We then walked off to say bye to my father and wish him a safe flight when we look towards the emirates counter ALL their staff members were in a corner talking about us and FOUR of them kept looking at us. This is the MOST DISGUSTING service anyone could give and to stand their gossipping about it to other staff members is the most UNPROFFESSIONAL behaviour ESPECIALLY when TWO of those members were a shift runner and manager. ABSOLUTELY disgusting, i will never in my life ever forget this experience it was so horrible and upset my family so much more. They were all full of attitude and all giving us different information on the kgs we could take. I'm fuming so much that i want to find a way to let everyone know about this service and my family to never travel with emirates again. Shocking!

Company: Bb1

Country: Australia   State: Western Australia   City: Perth
Address: Perth International Airport

Category: Cars & Transport


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