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Hairhouse Warehouse Rockingham

I am not one to go to this extent but the experience I had with the salon and the attitude I received was appalling.

I have used the services of Hairhouse Warehouse Rockingham, Western Australia for quite some time now. Jess was my hairdresser on every occasion and was very happy every time I walked out of the salon. At the beginning of the week I phoned in to make an appointment, to which they advised Jess was no longer working at the salon and could not tell me where she had moved on to. They recommended Markayla. I queried whether she was the most experienced, to which I was advised all the hairdressers are fully qualified and assured she would be fine. So I made an appointment for Friday 27 July at 2.15.

I turned up for my appointment ahead of time and was sat down by Markayla. After 5 minutes or so she came back and asked whether I was Melissa, I replied “yes” and she said “oh, you’re mine”.

She popped the towel and the cape on and we discussed the colour I wanted to achieve. I even brought in a picture.

Markayla brought the colour book over and said she would mix a half 8 level and a half 10 level. I queried whether that would be too dark and that I wanted a nice natural golden. She advised that because it was light we would need to go that dark. Which makes sense but knowing the colour I wanted to achieve I was very nervous.

Markayla mixed up some 6 volume peroxide to lighten the re-growth. Once washed off it was bright orange. This has never happened before. As my hair is a level 7 it bleaches quite easily. So the re-growth was redone. Still quite orange, but not to the same extent as it was.

Markayla then mixed up the toner and applied to my hair and real human hair extensions. Once washed and blast dryed we both agreed it was not the colour I had asked for. She tried to reassure me it looked nice, but as it was not what I had asked for I was not overly happy. I expressed to her that I hated the colour. Markayla then turned around and replied with “well I know it’s not what you wanted but it’s better than that banana blonde you had” which I had actually had done at the same salon. The colour that was achieved was an all over even colour, but it looked very ashy and washed out. She advised if I wanted to come in the following week she would fix the colour free of charge.

Once that was complete she then proceeded to remove the cape. I said “oh, aren’t we doing a cut?” Markayla replied “I didn’t know we were doing a cut”. I advised her I had booked in for a style cut, she checked the appointment book and confirmed that indeed I was also booked in for a style cut. As it was very late in the afternoon and she was running on overtime I said “that’s okay, if you have time tomorrow I would be happy to come in”. She had a spot free at 10am the next day and booked me in.

I arrived for my style cut and was sat down. Myself and Markayla discussed the colour again. I asked her whether there was anyone else who was familiar with blonde tones, she let me know there was and she would ask her to come over and talk with me. The only advice she could give me to try and fix it was to keep washing it, and within 2-3 weeks it would wash out and go back to the original colour. I asked whether there was anything they could do to improve the colour a little, possibly a gold tone. I was told “no, not today”. I said “okay”.

Markayla then returned and asked how I wanted my hair cut. I told her I didn’t want to lose much of the length or volume, but would like a few layers put through. She then told me she would use the razor. I said “can we use the scissors to cut rather than the razor because I don’t like that look and it shreds the hair”. She said “well this is how I have learnt to cut extension”. I asked whether she cut natural long hair with scissors, she said she did so I asked her to do it just like she normally would. Markayla said “if we cut the extension with scissors it will look bad” I advised her that this was how I normally get it cut by Jess and I loved it. She then turned around and replied with “well I am the Hairdresser and I have been doing this for three years!” At this point I was quite taken aback at the way I had been spoken to and did not say anything. She said “well I can’t give you what you want, maybe you should go find another hairdresser. I’ll get one of the other girls to help you!” I said “okay”.

Markayla’s Manager who I believe is not a hairdresser then approached me. She said that Markayla had come to her quite annoyed and they would not be able to help me, it would be best for me to find another salon. I asked “Isn’t there anyone here who knows how to cut extensions with scissors?” She replied with “all my girls cut extensions with the razor”. I advised her that it was all human hair and I had 140grams put in, so it was like natural hair. I was then told “we won’t be cutting it”. I said “okay but I was supposed to have this haircut complimentary because she messed up the colour. “She replied with “is that what Markayla said? I replied “yeah, yesterday”, I was told “okay we will refund you $35.00 for the haircut, how’s that?” I replied “okay, but what about the colour?” She said “what about the colour, we gave you what you wanted!” and said “no you didn’t, this wasn’t what I asked for and Markayla said she would fix it. Markayla’s Manager said “okay how about we give you a refund and you find another salon?” I said “okay. She walked away, me sitting in the chair and left me to take the towel and cape off myself. I walked up to the counter and was handed my money, I said “thank you” and walked away.

I managed to go into another salon to which they got me in straight away. They were able to fix the colour and achieve the colour I wanted for a third of the price I was charged at Hairhouse Warehouse.

I felt as though I was being over-charged as I was charged $90.00 for the tint and $85.00 to colour my re-growth. As I have a weave only about a third of my re-growth is showing.

I have found a new salon that I will be going to now. When I had told them what had happened they told me they have quite a number of clients come in to have their hair fixed from that salon.

The quality of my hair is now no longer the same as it was when I went in. I am really disappointed.

Company: Hairhouse Warehouse Rockingham

Country: Australia   State: Western Australia   City: Perth
Address: Rockingham

Category: Beauty & Appearance


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