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Colin Thomas Crawford - Ideliverit Corporation Pty Ltd
SEO Scammer - Claimed to know how to improve search engine rankings in Google. NSW

Colin Crawford posted an online ad on the web site digitalpont.com in their forums section on Oct 28, 2007 that he would provide SEO services to improve web site ranks so that they would reach the the first page of Google within 6-8 months. Colin stated that if he did not do this he would fully refund the money paid for this service.

I requested a full refund since no results were achieved. Colin Crawford refused to issue a refund.

Colin Crawford now states that he lied about what the service was and that he basically just collected money from people using his paypal account kept 5% and then wired the rest of the money using western union to a person that he does not really now much about in the country of Syria.

Here is the ad that Colin Used(Note now of it is true)

&&&-ad copy by Colin Crawford&&&&&&
Guaranteed Ranking in Google >> YESSSSS
Hello Fellow DP Members.


The offer is this:

I will rank any keyword (Yes you read this right, ANY KEYWORD) or any key phrase in the first page of Google with the competition of under 2 Million in the period of 4-8 Months. Of course many people here on DP can probably do SEO jobs and they can do it great but can they offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

That means If in 4-8 Months you don't rank with the keyword or key phrase you desire, you will get your money back 100%. No questions asked

Please Note: No blackhat methods are used to work your ranking. You are not allowed to question my secretive SEO knowledge or how I'm going to rank your site in the search engines.

I am giving a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE because if anything goes wrong, I will be responsible and no one else and I will be more than happy to REFUND YOU FULLY NO HASSLES!

Want some proof of my work? I have posted in a few threads recently about a web directory I have used my secret on. I never mentioned the secret but I did say "I used little promotion" on it, without revealing how. Well, take a look here. Last time I looked my site was ranked 6th out of how many?? But get this!! I only used about 25% of my secret on this particular site. Imagine if I used 100%??

I could share with you 100s of sites that rank with top ten in Google, but that would be giving my secret away. Right now probably someone is trying to figure out how I ranked my directory in the top 10....LOL

How much will this cost me to get ranked?:

Just US$200 per keyword or key phrase. But how's this? There's A DISCOUNT if you want to rank for more than one keywords or key phrase!!

1 KW or KP = $200 each
2 KW or KP = $190 each
3 KW or KP = $180 each
4 KW or KP = $170 each
5 KW or KP = $150 each (Bargain)

Make your payments to paypal id seoreviewpro [at] gmail.com and PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE KEYWORDS OR KEY PHRASES IN THE PAYPAL MESSAGE

Then post in this thread that you have ordered. I will make a spreadsheet so i can track who paid what and what for in case I don't rank your site and I have to refund you.

I feel really good about this offer. It's by far the most exciting service I have provided at DP Forums. A web site for this service will be following soon.

Imagine the amount of NATURAL TRAFFIC you will receive because of your web site ranked high in Google!!!

Some people wonder why I'm I offering this service, surely I don't need the money but I would like to do something good for the DP community. Trust me I don't need the money, you are just paying for the costs of this service

How many times in your life time do you get someone with over 370 Itrades offering this service? Like never.

I'm only going to accept packages from 50 people, first come first serve.I will then re-assess my secret SEO service.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the YEEHAH bandwagon to WEB SITE SUCCESS!

Colin Crawford

&&&&&&end of ad copy&&&&&&



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