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Valley Girl

My daughter went into the ValleyGirl store on her way to work with a large bag containing work clothes etc. She went to try on a skirt but didnt buy it. She walked through the store and was aware of someone following her. When she stepped outside the shop one of the girls stopped her and told her to empty her bag. This was said to my daughter in a rude and loud manner in a public area. When my daughter asked why, the girl said because she had a big bulky bag. The girl made her empty everything on the floor, with people passing and staring at her. Nothing was found and the girl turned around and walked away without apologising or helping my daughter to repack her belongings. I called the store manager after my daughter had called me vey upset and was brushed off in a dont care attitude. Store policy is to search people outside the shop apparently.
My question is, Where were the girls who count how many items are taken into the change room. (At the counter yakking to each other) Why did the tags not beep on the so called stolen items. (THere was no items stolen) Why are they allowed to publically humiliate people in a rude unproffesional manner, and not even apologise. If that had been me would they have searched me, being an older woman.? Why was my daughter not escorted back into the shop to an office to be searched if this girl was so sure she had stolen clothing? Due to this distgusting treatment of my daughter, myself and both my daughters will never set foot in that shop again, and we used to spend a lot of money there. Going by the attitude of the staff they wouldnt care less anyway. Maybe they should spend less time on trying to look good and more time learning manners and how to deal with the public.

Company: Valley Girl

Country: Australia   State: Victoria   City: Melbourne
Address: Melbourne Knox City

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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