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PGI ProsperityGroup International
ROBIN PANOZZO LARRY PICKERING TOME BOZOV PGI Prosperity Group International Ripoff Scam Gold Coast

PGI Prosperity Group International Robin Panozzo Tome Bozov Scam Scammers This crowd are obviously in with Larry Pickering and Wayne Evans now because Pickering has taken down all the stuff on them from his website ozaucomplaints.com Do not Trust ozaucomplaints.com it is run by the biggest scammer of them all Larry Pickering (just google him!!) He is now in with PGI scammers PANOZZO and BOZOV and so is Wayne Evans. Evans now has a retail business on the Gold Coast as a cover for all his scams. He doesnt want to be followed from picking the girls up from school.....to late Evans!! We are taping you every moment of every day. We are also taping that Thai wife of yours Pickering, picking the kids up etc. We are watching your every move boys!! We are coming to get you and your wifes and kids!!

Illegally run scam group Prosperity Group International have taken millions off Australians. PGI fraudsters sell a product they don't even own and claim to have "worldwide rights". HA! PGI SCAM PGI Prosperity Group International
Robin Panozzo Tony Rotondo
Bundall QLD Scam, Gold Coast, QLD

Let's have a little look at PGI and their claims about Index Trading / Index Trader software...
Automated trading
Yes, apparently this company can make returns of 70%, unlike any other business in Australia! What's that you say Year on Year? Nope - Month on Month!
Tax Free Returns

-Because you're betting on markets you don't have to pay tax! Guess what else? PGI don't have to have a AFSL so there's no oversight or compliance! Actually considering the 30% margin on your profits plus the $40 a month service fee, maybe you'd want them to be taxed so you could at least claim expenses. COMET grant
By now you've heard how the Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) has thrust legitimacy on this product. But this grant was given to "Insider News Pty Ltd" a company based in SA, who don't mention PGI the Queensland company who apparently have "secured worldwide distribution rights".

But wait there's more! Looking at Insider News Pty Ltd's registrant contact email address you see tony_rotondo@hotmail.com. When I search this name I get a couple of results, but I'm betting (pun intended) this isn't the dentist, but rather the Tony Rotondo whose use of copryright infringing horse racing software BettorData landed him with a $760,000 fine. Tony's partner in the BettorData fiasco is Dominic Dibiani who was convicted for a Mobile phone spamming and betting scam.

This raises questions about why the government is funding dodgy business practices, but luckily my previous worries about Insider and PGI being unconnected was allayed: guess where Tony lives? The Gold Coast. The director of the company is Jonathan Mark King of 24 Tullamarie Dr, Robina QLD 4226. Their main business is scamming people. If they ever contact you, just say no to their offer. Other directors are Robin Panozzo and Tome Bozov


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