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Hardon Campers Townsville
Company Vehcile Assaulted Me on Roadway

Hardon campers in Kelso, Townsville Australia assaulted me with their COMPANY vehicle on Riverway Drive at at 4:30pm on 10-6. Refusing to yield and allow a potential customer to merge, the female drive instead accelerated, waved in a mocking fashion, and mouthed "haha!" at me.

Luckily for this incompetent criminal representing Hardon Campers in Kelso, Townsville, I was able to slam on my brakes and also drive onto the median, preventing a pileup that would have been caused by this terrible company representative.


The matter has been reported to the police and I wrote this to ensure that no one supports this terrible, laughable excuse of a company.

Here is some info from their hideous website:

How long does the camper take to set up?

On the second time I set up the camper and not rushing took me approximately 30mins.

Back to topWhat is included in the camper?

We have set the camper up as if we were going camping, so therefore all you need to supply is clothing, bedding and food.

Back to topHow many people does it sleep – adults / children?

There is a queen size bed, a double bed and the dining area folds down to make a single bed.

Back to topIs the camper water and dust proof?

No. The fridge and a stove both run off
gas that needs to vent outside in the event of appliances leaking gas.
This is in accordance with state and federal legislation.

Back to topDoes the camper have a water tank?

Yes. It is an 80 litre tank.

Back to topDoes the camper have a fridge?

Yes. It is a three (3) way fridge with freezer compartment.

Back to topDoes the camper require power?

The camper can be powered from a 15amp
power point (all camping sites) or using our 10amp to 15amp step-up box
for domestic use. It also has provision for a deep cycle battery which
will only run lights as the fridge and stove will run off gas.

Back to topDoes the camper come with linen?

No. The sheets fitted are as mattress covers only.

Back to topHow much storage room does the camper have?

One (1) upright cupboard (when erected),
two (2) storage drawers under dining chairs, lift up lids to access
under sofa chairs. While travelling there is room for eskies, clothes
and bedding up to the height of the bed ends.

Back to topDo I have to wait for the canvas to dry before I can pack the camper up?

If possible.

Back to topAre there any restrictions as to where I can go?

There are no restrictions as long as the following conditions are met:

(1) If interstate travel is required we have been given a final destination

(2) There is sufficient hire time allowed for. e.g 800kms travel per day

Back to topWhat sort of vehicle can tow the camper?

Your vehicle needs to have a towing
capacity of more than 1600Kg. Electric brakes are fitted to the camper
and instructions on use will be given on pick up. Side mirror extensions
will also be fitted to your vehicle to comply with Legislation
(included in hire rate).

Back to topWhat sort of plug connection do I need to have for the camper?

We will have the required adaptor to plug into your vehicle, if you can let us know what style was fitted with your tow hitch.

Back to topWhat is the towing capacity for the camper?

1600kg or greater towing capacity, with a 50mm ball.

Back to topCan I tow the camper with a hire car?

This will need to be discussed with the company which you are hiring the vehicle from, and as long as there is a tow hitch.

Back to topIs the camper able to go offroad?

Yes, however, in the hire agreement Terms and Condtions states:

4.1 (iii) the vehicle will only be used on a road that is properly formed
and constructed as a sealed, metalled or graded gravel road

Back to topAre there any limits to where I can take it? Intrastate or Interstate?

Not as long as we have received an interstate itinerary and have given written permission.

Back to topWhat is the minimum time I can hire it for?

The minimum time is a 'weekender' which is three (3) nights, normally pick up Friday and drop off on a Monday.

Back to topWhat are the external dimensions of the camper?

The camper in towing configuration is 5460mm long 2100mm wide and 1770mm high.

Back to topDo I have to pay for kilometres?

No. It is a set rate for the amount of days you hire it.

Back to topDo you deliver and pickup?

Yes. We do free pickup and delivery in Townsville. Anywhere else will be negotiated.

Back to topWhere can I pick up the camper from?

This will be discussed once you have paid your deposit on booking confirmation.

Back to topIs there a minimum age for hiring the camper?

The hire agreement Terms and Conditions states:

4.1 (i) only an authorised driver noted in the Schedule will tow the
vehicle, all drivers are over the age of 21 and have not had a licence
cancellation, endorsement or suspension within the last three (3) years.

Back to topWhat is the deposit to secure booking?

AUD $500

Back to topHow far in advance do I have to book?

That is up to you bearing in mind to
confirm the booking is to pay the deposit of $500 and there is a
cancellation policy. Refer to the Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions
for more information.

Back to topIs there a security bond and how is that implemented?

The security bond is made up from the $500 deposit.

Back to topIs it based on a nightly or daily rate?


Back to topHow heavy is the camper?

Approximately 1540kg.

Back to topIf I get into trouble who do I contact?

For mechanical problems you contact us directly.

Back to topIs there a cancellation policy?

Yes. The hire agreement Terms and Conditions state:

2.5 A cancellation fee of 50% of the deposit fee will be charged within
14 days of notification to cancel. This will be refunded within seven
(7) working days.

Back to topHow must the camper be returned?

As stated in hire agreement Terms and Conditions.

Back to topHow do I get the hire agreement Terms and Conditions?

Please contact us via email.

Back to topWhat if I have more questions?

Please contact us via email or telephone.

Back to topIs there an insurance to pay?

To confirm your booking we require a $500
deposit which will roll into the bond once you pick up the camper. This
will then be refunded within seven (7) days of return pending return

Back to topHow do I pay for hire?

Payment method is through internet banking
or direct deposit. This eliminates all third party fees. The bank
account details will be advised via email. Please note: We will need to see the money in our account before we allow the taking of the camper.

Back to topWhere are we located?

In tropical North Queensland, Townsville. The gateway to many beautiful camping getaways.

Back to topIs the camper air conditioned?

Yes! All our camper trailers have reverse cycle air conditioners factory fitted.

Company: Hardon Campers Townsville

Country: Australia   State: Queensland   City: Kelso
Phone: 0459427366

Category: Cars & Transport


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