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Ebay fake tamagotchi NSW

Watch out for items called "Tamogotchi" with a second O instead of A. I'll tell you of my ebay experience.

My boyfriend had found V2s on ebay and he bid on a black one, I bid on a blue one, from the same seller "buystuffonline_au". I was winning, and then somebody started maxing me up. I put in my top bid of $15.50 (postage was $4.50 so I wouldn't have to pay any more than $20) and "coconutbuns" bid $16 and I wasn't going to pay that much, so I got annoyed and went to bid on another black tamogotchi from the same seller.

I put in my bid and then I started getting maxed on the black one by somebody else! So I go looking for another tamogotchi for backup, and find that the same person who's maxing me on the black tamogotchi is winning one of a different colour. So I'm like "alright, I won't have any competition." Boy, was I wrong! They maxed me up to $20 and then I won, for $20. At these last moments of the auction, I find an eBay tutorial about buying tamagotchis, and there were pics of fakes and the "uh-oh" bell rung in my head when I found a picture of the packaging my tamogotchi was coming in. Sure enough, I go back to my listing and the packaging says "TamOgotchi". Ohh crap! I tell my boyfriend, who has already won his black tamogotchi for $11 $4.50 p/h, and he says he still wants it to compare to. Cool, but I realise I'm not paying $24.50 for a FAKE V2, when I can find a brand new, genuine V3 at BIG W for $20. It's the morale! Besides, counterfeits are notorious for being faulty. So I retract my bid and tell the seller my reason, and he was actually a good sport about it, we mutually agreed not to follow through with the transaction and we gave eachother non-negative feedback. So I didn't have to buy this fake black tamagotchi that I won for $20.

The next day I check my ebay to make sure there's no nasty surprises and find, to my astonishment (and I laughed so hard at this), The moron who had maxed me up with the blue tamogotchi ("cononutbuns") decided they didn't want the tamogotchi AFTER ALL and the seller offered it to me as a second chance for my price of $15.50. No way pal.

My boyfriend got his fake "tamogotchi" in the mail a couple of days later. We opened it up and the packaging looked so fake. Then he took it out of the packaging and took the tab out, and the pixels were about four times the size of a real Tama V3's pixels, and there was a column of pixels missing! The pixels and menu functions (when they are highlighted) were way off to the sides and didn't match up with the underneath colours of the screen, on my genuine V3 I've got stars and a swirly background. When it was born, it just hatched and demanded a name, but you could only put three letters in so its' name is now "SBH". We guess it's a boy because it's a black character. The stats screens were pretty weird and hardly informative. The only food was cake and what looked like a milkshake, and when it ate, it became a totally different character, changing form just to eat. There was one game, with a dancing chicken, and I played it. The chicken went left, right, jump, so I went left, right, jump, the chicken repeated it and then I won! But the game did nothing, no points or anything. There wasn't a shop and the history icon did nothing. The IR was something of a surprise. It did send a signal to my tama but my tama said fail, and the fake said "send" again. My boyfriend told me later on after I'd gone home that it had already evolved into an adult. With genuine tamagotchis you have to wait until the tamagotchi wakes up again at it's proper time, but this tamOgotchi, you could wake up to do anything with it. I fed it once and it went straight to sleep. It was constantly sick and you couldn't tell when it needed feeding because of the impossible-to-read stats.

I got myself a venuine V3 for $19.80 from Kmart and I'm now up to my fourth generation. It's alot more fun than that fake tamogotchi and it works perfectly. My boyfriend also had a genuine V3 but it died in a tragic accident, he got a full refund from the seller of the fake V2.

That V2 tamogotchi is now dead, broken, or something. The screen's black and it flickers every second. My boyfriend left it alone because it was just so ridiculous and stuck it on his wall.

So don't buy from "buystuffonline_au", watch out for people who shill your bids, and do NOT mess with me on eBay, or I'll reveal all your details. Shame, SHAME!


Offender: Buystuffonline_au

Country: Australia   State: Australia   City: Sydney
Address: ebay.com

Category: Internet & Web


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