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Unauthorized electronic check

The company "Intabill" charged my bank account with an unauthorized electronic check in the amount of $99.75. I have not contacted them or done business with them in any way and do not know how they got my bank account information. I'm willing to contribute my testimony for a class action law suit ...

(contact Person BRYAN HOWARD) sent me a check for $4879.00,wanted me to deposit in my acct.of which $2870.00 would go towards fees for a lottery. i looked them up and found that they r a scam.

gulstream/gulfstream are a ripoff. They want you to deposit a check they send you into your account. Then you'll fiond your account overdrawn after you send them their fees, because the check is obviuosly stopped by them. They give you a check and they put a stop payment on it and your account is ...

TIKO Marketing - Biramint
TIKO Marketing Associated With Biramint Rip off, told about promotions, ripped off with payments Sydney New South Wales

I was reading through a report that was logged by a guy called 'james' who also worked for Biramint, who in this case was an owner and promoter of TIKO marketing whom in which i worked for. Based in Orange in nsw TIKO marketing sounded like a great opporunity for me to not have to go to uni get a ...