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Armani con jo

Was filling up my car at the bp just after chermside shopping centre and this dude rolled up next to me asking for directions to the airport so i helped him out. He then asked if he could show me something for 1 min and i was like ok..... he was claiming he was a designer from armani and was here ...

RGA Giorgio Armani
Immatation leather jackets

Same story bla...bla...bla. Italian guy, itallian accent, passport. I was putting fuel in at 7/11 when he approached me. paid 300 dollars for 2 jackets, if i ever see him im gunna rearange his face bla bla bla.. he was in a light blue new style camry, with a ding on the front left hand side, ...

RGA Giorgio Armani Reportage

The same person has struck in Australia. I was told the same story yesterday. "only 4 hours till I leave Australia to go back to Italy. Don't want to pay tax on goods when I return to Italy. I will sell you 1 leather jacket and as a gift I will give 3 more" Ian Kingsgrove Australia ...