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Scam introduction service

Don't fall for their promises. I am fortunate that I only paid a promotional rate for this "service" (around $200), instead of full price ($1600+), which promised several introductions. The introductions are either fake or not suitable at all. For example, one introduction was well below my age ...

Palmers Relocations
Consignment not received

My daughter paid for a consignment of goods to be sent from Sydney to South Africa in January, 2013. The person she was dealing with left the company and nothing more was heard, we could not communicate with anyone, nobody replies,even now, only one person named Elvis. The goods are in South ...

Caltex Australia
Dirty Premium Fuel

I have owned my 2009 FPV GT since new and the only fuel used is Caltex premium 95 or 98. The car has always run underpowered, pinging and generally unwell. It has always been regularly serviced by Ford but have never been able to find the issue, not until i took my vehicle to a performance shop ...