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Royal ideas and inventions, Hugh Godman
Royal ideas and inventions... Hugh Godman If Mr Godman thinks he can run a scam like this without loosing any sleep over it... He's dreaming!!! , australia

After also being promised the world by Mr Godman, I too have been left out of pocket thousands of dollars which i simply cannot afford... The anger felt when realising i had been scamed by a little beady eyed prick, has been fuelled even more by hearing of other stories so similar to mine.. I ...

EMC Company
Debra Kelman, Work at home rip-off

This company recruits you through a reputable job resource. They interview and have you sign a contract then once they can't tap into your account they drop you with out payment. There is a two week training period where they are suppose to training you to do banking transactions. The training is ...

Mishmash Designs
Scammed me out of money and wallet

I ordered a wallet from this seller (Michelle Vella of Mishmash Designs on etsy) on October 15th. I wait over a month, until November 19th. I tried to be patient, since it was coming from Australia. I never got it. I message the seller telling them this, she said she would send another this week. ...