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UBI Payment Services
Ripoff again. What is wrong with these people? All I get in the mail is people that want to rip you off. Can't something be done. Robina Town Centre

Well again I get a scam letter. This time they say I will receive $5,000.00 check.You don't get something for doing nothing. When I seen they want me to sign my name, thats when a flag came up. What do they do with my signature? Would someone Please stop these people! I will be writing to gov. to ...

UBI Payment Services
This company is sending letters to individual claiming that the won 5,000 and asking them to sign a return form. i beleive that is is a rip off, because knowing that i didn't even enter a contest, so how could this be true. please look into it.

please look into this, i do beleive that is a rip off for identity theft or some sort of banking account rip off. please if any none get ths letter do not return it , shred it, get rid of it. if you know that you have not enter any contest please get rid of this letter. i would really like for some ...

UBI Payment Services
Guaranteed Delivery Statement

I just received the same identical letter as the others that are reporting this scam. I am glad that I looked them up and found this website because I have entered so many contests that I can't keep track and when I saw this letter, I was really hoping that I had actually won something. I had a ...