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What a coincidence? by story is the same ... I too bought Nissan GU patrol 3.1 manual st t/dsl on 09/ October /2001
Model: Patrol ZDACST
Engine: ZD30073077A
VIN: JN1TESY61A0308441
Tag: 1209330
Year of Manufacture: 07/01
Reg. Number: XPQ666
Purchased: October 2001 From McGrath Nissan Sutherland NSW

I have done special 4WD Driver training course and member of world largest active 4WD club the TLCC. The brief report is to illustrate that I purchased a new 4WD and took proper care hoping it will last me long and all the hard earned money I have invested will give me low cost maintanance 4WD, pleasure and pride of owing one. But was this to happen? I really feek riped off by Nissan

The story unfolds thus ..Ist service Km 1337 on 31/10/01 by McGrath Sutherland...they did not pick of whisle sound. The 2nd service Km 2411 on 23/1/2002 by McGrath. Had added interior cabinets, extra electrical points for fridge and lights, raised the car by 3in and we have rancho's shocks. On 08/03/2002 we took to McGrath with the compalin of foul smell like dead cat in the car, clutch getting tight and stuck ...they checked and said no fault found.

ON 3rd serivice Km 12332 on 3/4/02 by McGrath we reported whirring noise like siren when we drove the car. The McGrath Sutherland from whom we purchased the mechanic said it is Turbo noise and will settle down ..but it did not and finally they fixed it in 02/05/2002.

The 4th Service Km 17668 on 01/07/2002 by McGrath, we reported same problem of smell..nothing was done. THe car started to loose power on acceleration and one day it died on the road and had to be towed to Nissan McGrath.

ON 12/11/2002 the clutch had burnt when it had done only 12000km and it was replaced fully and they I was charged $1569AUD and they did not cover it under warranty stating it was driver overloading clutch system, raising the vehicle and carring full load during 4wd trip thus drivers operation error. The moral of the story was I have driven off road (is not what these wagons are for) and made modifications (how can you clear off road tracks without raise)and should have drive without load ( how can you drive in out back without carrying your essentials) thus this was enough to override the warranty.

I took it to the company reps here and to head office customer service in Vic, Val Davis the Manager Customer Relation replied, all I got is letter of sorry for the above predicament and they cannot help as there was no evidence of manufacturing defect warranty. I finally gave up as it would take lot of my eneryg and time to persue the matter for that small amount.

I finally realised that mechanics in Nissan had no idea what a 4WD was far and the comments they made we so funny... I give my 4WD for regularly service to specialist shop now. The 5th Service Km 27055 on 09/10/2002 by The 4WD Service Centre,6th Service Km 27055 on 09/10/2002 by The 4WD Service Centre
7th Service Km 34286 on 24/2/2003 by The 4WD Service Centre,8th Service Km 42311 on 7/7/2003 by The 4WD Service Centre,9th Service Km 44500 on 22/9/2003 by The 4WD Service Centre,10th Service Km 54051 on 24/12/2004 by The 4WD Service Centre and the last was 11th Service Km 59795 on 12/5/2004 by The 4WD Service Centre.

Now the warranty just expired in Oct and since 27th Nov the engine is making a funny "Clank" sound when I start, sometimes when changing the gears.I took it to 4WD service Centre in Taren Point who does services, he was not able to identify the problem but suspect some major problem and he need to open the engine apart to make, he also found that when the oil cap is removed there is excess pressure/steam escaping and when idle it was not steady. He said in Nissan this is common after 180000KM but never seen this early at 62000KM. I have to take to a super specialist in this area go the problem identified and sorted out.

I think that particular batch on Oct 2001 deliveries must have had some defect. I think NISSAN should take full responsibility, and as duty of care refund the cost and rectify the problem in these 4WD.



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